Youth Gang kill another Father

father stabbed

Another father confronting scum outside his home dies and what I want to know is where is the pie eating plod when this is going on?

Did he think, like most, what is the point in ringing 999 to be told by plod nothing can be done/too busy (skiving in McDonalds eating a big mac more like)

We all see these gangs hanging around, I have some ideas

1 Tell the lazy plod to stop & search all gangs and arrest the knife carrying scum, even if the plod don't want to fill out forms and would rather fill their guts with fast food. It does not take Sherlock Holmes to find gangs of youths does it?

2 If caught holding knifes ect Bang the parents in the slammer with the little scum

3 Put some money the plod make from speeding fines into youth/boys clubs and encourage the innocent youths to do something constructive and get off the streets

Is this too hard to do?
The streets have been surrendered to criminal scum Fiji, I'm tired of hearing of Decent Law abiding citizens either being assaulted or murdered by thugs or even arrested when they reach the end of their tether.

How did we get to this state.

Where was it in any Parties manifesto that they would abandon the innocent?

All to common my friend, i think we re on the verge of a national meltdown. This scum needs shipping off to the stan put in a room full of blood thirsty taliban, and then see if they so bloody hard with knives..
All politicos (especially the current gov) have no will to do bugger all except to make spin doctored posturings,

to actually do something, would would create a course of action that would tie them into an ojective that would be difficult to turn around from.
Tough on crime, and tough on the causes of crime...thats what the smiling assasin said. I see these scum everywhere i go....
ChunkeyKnob said:
Tough on crime, and tough on the causes of crime...thats what the smiling assasin said. I see these scum everywhere i go....
Another empty soundbite from Blair.There has been so many I forgot that one Chunkey!

Does anyone else see the bitter irony in that on the same day there is a huge fuss about the nutter who climbed into Downing Street with a knife? Shame the same concern is not shown to safety of the rest of us outside Blair's bunker.

Problem is those that make the laws never have to live on the streets that they make a haven for scum.

Plod at home don't care cos they know if they ring up after hours they will have a car load of their on duty mates there before putting the phone down

Also a big credit for this must go to the human rights furry cup drinkers who put the "freedom" of knife carrying scum over the rest of us.
I suspect the "Human" Rights Act is the single biggest contributory factor to the state of our country.

The LAB/LIB/CON cabal will do nothing as they are all committed to maintaining it.

The Judiciary and the so called Justice system in this country needs a complete overhaul. Those members of the judiciary who allow criminals free to kill, should be themselves prosecuted for negligence.
The thing that really F***s me off is the lack of prisons in this country, 5th richest economy and all we have is rat invested throwbacks from the time of Dickens....Get more built and send the scum to a long stetch of hard labour...the 3 strikes and your out rule is also very useful

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