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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dobber, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. Hello arrsers,

    I'm 16, and I'm ginger, so you can bully me about that if it yields self-amusement.

    However, recently, I've been going to the gym and sorting out my physical fitness, which used to be akin to that of a banana peel.

    I've dropped my 1.5mile runtime from 13:30 to 10:30 and plan to get it down to around 9:00.
    I regularly walk about 12 miles with my friend over the hills but plan on going a bit further, the summer holidays has provided time to do that.
    My longest run was about 9 miles and took me roughly 75/80 minutes, but I haven't been outside running for a few months, so haven't done anything near that length recently. I plan on increasing run lengths hopegully to around 40-50 miles.

    I'm slightly worried about injuries that I may cause myself from running/cycling/walking. I often came home from running with my skin freezing cold but feeling personally perfectly fine, could I be at risk from none-freezing cold injuries that I can't even feel? I generally start running from cold and run slowly for 1/2 miles before speeding up, is this okay for warming up or will cold starts cause me problems? What can I do to minimalise risk of serious injury? How long should I run for in one go, as after 9 miles, my body was pretty weary, even though I'd eaten plenty of carbs in the morning. Finally, what sort of gear should I wear for running? I used to simply wear a t shirt and tracksuit with running trainers, is there any significant improvement I can add to that?

    Helpful answers appreciated.

    Cheers, Dobber.

  2. Fixed for you.
  3. Cheers Dobber! That's most kind of you...

    Try adding some swimming to your routine too. It makes a nice change during the summer and gives you a chance to eyeball some wet girl-flesh. Or boy-flesh if that's what does it for you....
  4. 40-50 miles, you planning on doing ultra marathons then?
    best o' luck then you mental gwar smelling of fox piss twiglet stinker :)