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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Skinhead

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  2. Mod

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  3. Teddy Boy

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  4. Soul Boy

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  5. Goth

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  6. Rocker

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  7. New Romantic

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  8. Headbanger

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  9. Crusties

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  10. Psychobilly

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  1. Just reading through the Ska thread posted on here and it brought back loads of memories of the old skinhead days, of 2 Tone, Madness, sweaty allniters etc fun times indeed.
    So what were all you arssers out there any Teddy boys, Goths, Mods, Soul Boys etc and what were your memories of the old days..
  2. SSSSSSSKKKINNNHEADS OI! OI! OI! lets start them up again, still got my DM's and flight jacket, jeans are probably a bit tight now though :oops: Used to get a few scooter skins in Reading a couple of years back, seem to have hung up their boots now.

    Great days brothers, we walked the earth like giant Weetabix men

    Used to go and watch Chelsea a lot then, we used to sing:

    "Doctor Martins, Yellow laces"
    "Levi's jeans and a pair of braces"
    "Bring on your boys, we'll kick in yer faces"
    "We are the Chelsea Skinheads!"

    God I bet we sounded a right bunch of dicks.
  3. I remember the Shed skins with this ditty

    "If you go down to woods today
    You're in for a big surprise
    If you go down to the woods today
    You'll never believe your eyes
    Cos Jeremy the sugar puff bear
    Has brought some boots and cropped his hair
    And now he's one of the lads
    They call the skinheads"

    Yeah probably sounded like dicks but a mass of 400+ skins singing it was psot on !!!
  4. I used to be a scooter riding soul boy, got into Northern through this too.
  5. I was a goth, dyed black hair, face tripping me , the whole works. Seem to have passed it on to my son now. Is it genetic??? :lol:
  6. Bit of a rocker myself with a 250 Royal Enfield. Not forgetting the leathers!
    Didn't get many birds then either.
  7. Glad to see the Skinheads in the lead up there.Only natural I suppose,the original skins were the smartest youth cult ever.No one had to show me how to put a crease in my shirt or polish my boots when i was in recruit training,not like some of the heavy metal heads......the smelly f ucks.
  8. Still hanker after another 'bretta when I'm pissed.
  9. I can see the headline in the SCUM tomorrow "Research shows that 40% of the Army was a skinhead at one point, Skinhead is a popular term for neo-nazism in europe - Investigations are under way to see if any non white person killed by the British Army in the past 300 years was a racially motivated attack. The Chancellor said today " We got our cheque books ready, those poor Irish may not have been terrorists but could have been killed in a racially motivated attack - the MoD offers our greatest sympathys to their families and we hope the compensation can help the griefing" .
  10. Chelsea ? :D

    We're Not the North Bank
    We're Not the South Bank
    We are the the West Side Upton Park

    We meet in the Boleyn every Saturday
    Talk about the team that
    we're gonna do today
    Steel cap Dr. Martens and iron bars
    Smash their coaches or do'em
    in their cars

    We're Not the North Bank
    We're Not the South Bank
    We are the the West Side Upton Park
    We can sing until we drop
    We can take the Shed or take the Kop
    Highbury and Parton run in fear
    When the West Side Boys appear

    Cockney Rejects
  11. and not a mention of punk.

  12. I wasn't any on that list. I just rolled with the tide with long hair and shite clothes. I played with my rod a lot, what group is that most like?
  13. Not a mention of the casuals either,natural progression for a lot of ex mods ands skinheads.Thats the route I followed anyhow.Still dress like a bit of a casual now,although I've got the urge to go out and purchase a new tonic suit,a pair of ox blood Loakes and Gingham check Ben Sherman..........The F ucking Buisness!
  14. I remember people in the late 1970s/80s progressing through mod-rudeboy-skin... I was a minimod, but then moved away from my mates and it was the ska/reggae that stuck with me (rather than Secret Affair/Merton Parkas etc)... then I got into scoots and it was fixed!

    The only kids at our school who were rockers were the ones who were never into anything until they came back off the summer holidays (typically in 4th year), when their hair had grown a wee bit, and they would have Iron Maiden/ACDC/Black Sabbath patches on their shitty denim jacket. :roll:

    I was never a punk (too young), but the older lads at school were all scruffy punks who happened to hate skins/mods.... and that is how I learned how to scrap! Halcyon memories of coming home from school discos in my cavern 3button mohair covered in blood.... My stepdad was not impressed as I'd spent every penny I owned (and some of his) on that suit.

    edited for spakka fingers
  15. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Glad to see the Teds getting a mention. I still remember my first drape, blue with black trim. Blue brothel creepers and winkle pickers when in jeans.