Youth and the police

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Correct me if i am wrong, but if you read the article, she 'thought' she saw the lad ride though a memorial flower bed. The implication being, she made a mistake, and in effecting a wrongful citizen's arrest, committed a common assault.

    I am no apologist for the police when they get it wrong, but it appears that the plod had no choice but to arrest her, especially if the parents were pursuing a complaint. If the lad had done what was alleged, believe me, there would have been a long list of bobbies itching to lock the kid up.

    I would agree though that efforts could or should have been made to get this one resolved locally, ie a chat with lad's mother/father to perhaps pursue alternatives options to arrest. Who's to say the police didn't try this though?

    Or are you one of the usual plodknockers who hates to let the truth get in the way of a good story?

    As a side issue; I find it very interesting that Nick Loophole Freeman got his sticky fingers all over it. The Dark Destroyer of mendaciousness. The hypocrisy makes me feel physically sick.
  2. we should get a load of guys post tour and let them walk the streets and kick the bejeezus out of the chavs they will soon learn what real gang warfare is .

    problem is these scrotes know nothing of discipline, I wish teachers would slap the little darlings about a bit and any parent that complains gets slapped too. It is a take take society with no morals and standards.

    I was walking home when a hoody decided to give me the glare. I walked up and laughed at him if he wants to pull a knife on me hope he likes wooden boxes.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly that a lot of 'yoofs' today have far too much to say for themselves, and if memory serves, this lad was possibly guilty of trapping off at the woman. However, she shouldn't have gone off one one, if she suspected he had done it, she should have called OB to sort it.

    If I thought my son had been assaulted and had his bike damaged for something he hadn't done, I would be angry at what she had done as well.

    I fail to see how your comments about being glared at by hoodies has any relevance to this case.
  4. I laughed at the hoody, but to an oap it can be quite intimidating and frightening. I have the confidence and street smarts not to get hurt.

    Why cant my nan walk down the street with the yoofs frrightening her. She never goes out anymore. when I am around will she go out but still be nervous.

    I have a no ball games sign outside my front door doesnt stop the little scrotes playing there. It took three years of complaining to the council and three asbos to sort out a gang of scrotes terrorising the street.

    OB are too scared these days, I remember getting my ear clipped by the local bobby and being dragged home to my father who gave me a thrashing. It was a police force then, not this mealy mouthed police service rubbish.
  5. The police are equally ken to dole out the necessary; unfortunately the weak kneed liberal nannies who adjudicate from above don't allow for the freedom of expression that the previous ranks of 'old bill' have enjoyed historically.

    If you really want to make a difference - don't get involved with the 'hoody' initially - rather track him back to his home, note his address in order to return four days later to confront his parents. A full and frank exchange of views with the father - whilst his delinquent offspring bears witness, will instill some respect for the good on the part of both. It's worth retaining the assistance of a friend as back up/driver. Hint: Try not to break his skin.
  6. Yes guvnor i was walking home with my laundry when suddenly a bar of soap fell in to a sock as it fell I went to grab it and it accidentally struck the Mr x round the head. As the soap became more slippery the more it struck Mr X a coulple more times. Mr X son came out and unfortunately he was struck too.

  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Unfortunately the public don’t want the “iron heel “of the police to be allowed cut about our streets, what they want them to do is take action against people within the laws and policies laid down by the Government they have voted into power.

    The Police would love to teach the local feral under-class the meaning of respect. But when they do all they get is a whining parent, (usually the mother, as the father would be unknown at this time) complaining little Johnny was dealt with in a robust manner and sprained his wrist. The Police Professional Standards love this to get a frontline PC on the ropes and hopefully get him booted out of the job. The Criminal Justice System is just as impotent against them and I’ve seen 168 previous convictions on one piece of dog faeces that had never seen the inside of a Young offender’s institute. This always gives the Police the incentive to drive a prosecution for no punishment.

    Society had produced the society we have, feral youths, NO respect for anything or themselves, lack of ambition as they have nothing to strive for as all is provided by tax paying middle England.
    The Leftie, Liberty, tree hugging, H&S blinded, PC infected power mandarins have turned this nation over to the under-class now that blight this country from North to South.

    Don’t slag the Police off who have to attempt to deal with crimes that shouldn’t even see the light of day. But have to as the Powers that be insist on it. Hair pulling, throwing midget gems at each other.
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When I was a lad in the 70's,the local bobbie in Hall Green would give you a clip around the ear & then "I'll be round to see your dad later" which scared the sh1t out of you cause you knew you were in for a hiding from dad!
  9. Lest we forget smacking your own kids is also illegal these days while im no lover of todays plod what chance do they have of shoeing chavs when a parent cant discipline thier own kids if they should feel the need
  10. ''The Leftie, Liberty, tree hugging, H&S blinded, PC infected power mandarins have turned this nation over to the under-class now that blight this country from North to South''

    I think that sums up today's situation.Nu Liabor carry much of the blame.Anyone seeking to replace them with an anti PC agenda,is likely to do well IMHO.