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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by delberto, May 30, 2010.

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  1. You are now the RSM, what would your pet hates be ?

    For me, sunglasses in the UK.
    Minging para smocks.
    Leathermans on belts.
  2. People who think it would be funny to find out what my pet hates would be.
  3. 1) People who post on a forum stating their top whinges, instead of speaking to me face-to-face.

    2) You.
  4. Berets not worn correctly.
    Paying of compliments up and especially down.
    Subordinates referring to WO2s as Q.
  5. Ginger hair not shaved off. Visible strands of foxpiss is not pleasant on the eye.

    Twisted laces. Twisted mind.

    Berets shaped like flat caps. Eee-by-Gum
  6. SNCOs who don't have the balls to thin their lads out when work is thin on the ground
  7. Clothes in the bar.
  8. Sidies. They're going to lose us the war you know.
  9. Berets that look like a helipad
    NCOs that don't muck in
    Leathermans on belts
    Bungees on Bashas
  10. SNCO’s that don’t have the bollox to be SNCO’s instead of one of the boys, and JNCO’s for that matter, Oh and Junior officers :D :D
  11. STAB b*stards like you.
  12. Berets rolled up in belt loop's
    Pot Noodles
    Sticky gobbling
    2 ltr bottles of Tizer used as CFT weight
  13. RLC Cap Badges over the left ear
    Darkening glasses without biff chit
    Non-issued kit being worn in Barracks, without biff chit.
    Commonwealth Soldiers who permanently avoid eye contact.
  14. Sorted that :wink:
  15. a Stupid TA B*astard B*astard? Double negative there buddy.

    Not to mention STAB contains B*stard so saying a 'STAB B*astard' Kind of makes you the stupid one. Maybe next time go for STAB Cnut or STAB Walt intsead of sounding like a tit?