You're not obese,you're fat.

Well, obesity is 'a disease' and obviously it's not anyone's fault if they catch a disease. Alcoholics have a disease rather than just being habitual pissheads, drug addicts are victims of a disease rather than being pathetic characters with no backbone, so people with obesity are victims and not fat lazy ******* who spend all day shoving pies into their grids.

They used to claim that they 'had a disease in their glands' that made them fat; now they just claim (with the same sort of laziness that makes them porkers in the first place) that being fat is the disease that, er, makes them fat. Let 'em eat all they want, die of heart attacks and save the taxpayer a fortune on the NHS and pensions.


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In the words of Dennis Leary “I’m sick of the excuses. I’m husky. I'm Portly, I’m big boned. No you’re big assed, dinosaurs were big-boned - ok. Put the Fork down”
Strangely I like her train of thougth. It reverses the Labour Nanny State Nicey-softly approach not to upset individuals or infringe on their HR.

Incidentally, has anyone else noticed the very abrupt cessation of NHS, DSS, Et al adverts in the media?

Also is it acceptable now to use, instead of the term 'Un-attractive' the more assertive and responsible term of 'Just ******* Ugly'?
I think Anne Milton might not warm to this one?

That is revolting! Has somebody shrunken her face? I know they can do it with whole heads somewhere in Borneo or wherever but I didn't know they could do specific areas.
How big is that forehead by the way? The neck isn't lacking in length either....perhaps thats how they did the face, they just stretched her head.
"…Also, the Government confirmed it is ditching plans for a review of the smoking ban, which could have seen it extended to pub doorways and beer gardens.:"


'Passive smoking' is the biggest load of bollocks this side of the Global Warming religion.


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I'm fat.
I gave no problem admitting it and I can' really blame anyone else but myself.
Nobody makes me eat.
Yup, i'm fat too. I eat too much crap and dont do enough exercise. Hence, fat! I actually dislike being called obese, it sounds too much like an excuse.

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