"You're not gay as long as you're giving"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Glad_its_all_over, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Sitting in a hotel room far from home and talking to my colleague on the work Skype, this immortal line surfaced, with the addition "come to that, you're not gay if you're taking, as long as you don't push back or make eye contact".

    Now, my pal is something of an expert, being a romping stomping ex-paratrooper airborne death from above suicide death commando and I was a REMF of the ocean-going class, so I turn the question over to the mighty intellects of the NAAFI Bar:

    Are you, in fact, not gay if:

    a. You're giving
    b. You don't push back
    c. You don't make eye contact
  2. Hmmm, it depends on the circumstances really. I have heard that its not gay as long as your balls don't touch, but I've yet to see that hypothesis tested.
  3. If you have to ask the question then surely you are gayer than a gay thing wearing nothing more than gilttery rainbow body paint while being porked by Jarrod in the middle of a gay pride march.

    just a guess mind
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  4. Is it just me or is Arrse becoming a bit poofy? All these pink threads popping up like San Franciscan attention whores. There's a lot of outing going on, imho.
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  5. You have to punch them afterwards
    You have to cry afterwards
    You can't kiss them
    At least one party has to be in pain .

    Fuck! I think I have just described the sex life with my ex missus.
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  6. .... unless you're a cook, bandsman or medic.
  7. I think if you know any gayers then they always seem jolly, have disposable incomes and are out on the lash all the time doing mind bending drugs. We poor hetero's are mainly miserable , skint and get fucking nagged on a sunday to do jobs round the house.

    Its a lovely evening too i might take the excuse for a walk and do a bit of cottaging , cheers
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  8. And did it really hurt and did you cry when she punched you,you rampant nancy boy?
  9. You don't use lube.

  10. it's becoming gay enough to shit rainbows
    rainbow%20butt.jpg ]
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  11. You aren't gay if it's an act of male prostitution born of financial desperation.

    So that lets a lot of you off the hook.
  12. You ever taken a dig off an drunken enraged Glaswegian bird bud ? At least men just try and knock you out, she was trying to kill my ancestors
  13. You married a fucking porridge wog,serves you fucking right. You deserve all you got.
  14. That sounds word for word like my Solicitor , Martin ?
  15. So you got a crap wife AND a crap solicitor,you really are a poor fucking judge of character.