You're not a poster - you're a product!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sanchauk, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. Just reading a book called,"The Filter Bubble - What the Internet is Hiding from You." One of the pre-chapter quotes is,

    "If you're not paying for something, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold." Andrew Lewis

    Do posters on ARRSE feel like a product? Are we?
  2. I am not a product! I am a free man!

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  3. Well AMMM said that was the purpose of posting her universally-reviled blog: attracting more traffic. I have wondered occasionally about Afghan Catflap as well -is it an outrage-generator designed to get everyone tipping up to argue? If so it will fail, as when most people see its rantings they just stop reading that thread.

    And attracting traffic to any site inevitably means attracting more mongs, obsessives, trolls, general internet weirdoes and bellends. So in the end you just get yet another internet a space full of mongs and bellends. But if quantity and not quality is what counts then it makes commercial sense.

  4. what? you mean like on big brother?
  5. only to the most discerning customer...
  6. Unless i misunderstood the quote it means we're being sold by the site owners to the advertisers who use the site? In terms of money exchange that makes sense, but are we not paying the site owners with our time/hits in exchange for their site services so they are getting paid through our use of the site so it just means we are not directly paying for the service?
  7. I am not a Product,,I am a number,,,,,,,,,,,Although to be really honest the WWW is a lot scarier than folks think,,,not only does it know your likes and dislikes it also knows your particular tastes in any searches you carry out,,eg if I type in Boobs it will always go to sites with Big Boobs,,,,,how does the WWW know my tastes?......
  8. I am not a product, I am a username.
  9. aye,everytime i key in owt to do with sex,it always ends up on spanking sites.
  10. Yes, I think that is what it means. This means there is a whole scope for collective mischief. For example, will we see the day that internet sites will pay us to visit? How about an internet "nectar" card where site collectives will incentivise use?
  11. Well, that will please some other products ... save them renting boys.
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    We've always been an economic unit to some one.

    Personally I prefer the brave new world to some of the previous options. Being a rural peasant or industrial revolution drudge would not have suited me at all.
  13. "We are the product"?

    **** me somone is getting ripped off.
  14. Where there's muck there's brass!
  15. You are not the product - you are the target market or the demographic, the end user, the consumer. But you are a commodity and you do have a price.