Youre never more than six feet from a lawyer...

Poached in alcohol? At least it would fit in with the EOD community...

I'll get my ballistic vest.
I think on the whole I'd rather live my life being never more than 6 feet from an AP mine. At least if I get blown up I'll have the comfort of knowing it's still less traumatic than going to Court.


As a civvy, I am not personally acquainted with any current members of the EOD community; but having some idea of what they do, I think they have every excuse for being poached in alcohol :D


You're never more than six feet from a lawyer...

I would be quite happy to know that I was stood six feet above a lawyer, if you get my drift.......
Taz_786 said:
Handler Wendy Winstanley now plans to contact the Army and the police anti-terror unit to offer her rats' services for use both home and abroad.

Royal Army Rodent Corps? :p

ah but will it be red rat or black rat??

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