Youre fired!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Unsworth, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Auld-Yin

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  2. Yes.... wot a tosspot! :x
  3. Life was so much

    ......................... (insert word)

    before we all had the internet. :roll:
  4. if it didn't affect his job then what's the problem his lifestyle choice, only thing is bit of a prat doing in his kit.
  5. I don't know how coppers get sucked into these dating sites and end up putting info about what they do and then compromising pictures of themselves on there. Most coppers know, or have heard of, another who's got in the sh!t over similar actions.

    Most of the women on there are probably mentally deranged anyway and aren't going to take it well when said plod gives them the heave-ho. they know to squeal to the papers you'd think a copper would be savvy enough to not feed them the ammunition.

    I don't think it's proportionate for him to lose his job over though. Back on the beat with a pointy hat would have been more appropriate.
  6. Yeah, he needs tips from our old QM who advertised himself and his wife on a swinger's site. Bad mistake considering most of the regiment were members of the same site.
  7. Quote from item;

    "In some photographs the CO19 officer appeared aroused while in another he showed off a tattoo above his bare bottom."

    Whatever happened to "bringing the Force into disrepute"?
  8. Well, I had thought it was mandatory for CO19 officers to do this, as part of their interface with the public training.

    Maybe I've got that slightly wrong...
  9. Met spokesperson said: " “We expect firearms officers to display the highest standards of skill, professionalism and judgement on a daily basis. This case highlights serious concern about the officer's judgement.”

    He was displaying something though.
  10. Link?
  11. That should properly read:

    "This case highlights the officer's p1ss poor judgement"

    Private life is your own but never, ever drag the day job into it. Just dumb.
  12. There are Bobbies and Coppers, and then the occasional knobber.
  13. My bold

    I can't understand this. Who is concerned?

    Certainly not the officer in question.
  14. Fine, then discipline him, and kick him off firearms. Sacking him's a bit OTT.