"You're a poo-poo head!"..."No, you're a poo-poo head" - Sticky for handbag swinging

You want some, do you? Come on then.

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Yes, he was having a sly pop. I'd just stopped work for five minutes that afternoon, saw it and reported it to save any verbal carnage or unpleasantness; then or after.

Happily, the Mods agreed and took it down sharpish - and my post below his which simply said 'Reported'. I've had my say and that's the end of it.

Close to the knuckle rather than a sly pop but you make of it what you will.
I don't think you and I will ever see eye to eye. You simply cannot understand that leaving the EU was the action, the reason and the benefit at the same time.
So the actual, tangible benefits of leaving the EU are non existent beyond "we're out", then.
Who's winning?

Just asking like.

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