"You're a poo-poo head!"..."No, you're a poo-poo head" - Sticky for handbag swinging

I've screenshot over 500 images from 8 users on this site, who have benign open social media accounts,
You are bizarrely obsessed over this, I think it's affecting your mental health.

You should seek treatment. I'd suggest Combat Stress, but unfortunately that's only available to people who have served.


It's the 1st August tomorrow - what colour and religion are you going to be this month?
Born Jewish, don't practice it, what religion are you going to be tomorrow? Or are you going to be trawling the forums looking for spammers, in the vain hope of getting a pat on the head?

I mean, I thought I had zero life recovering from knee surgery but you, you are the champ, arsse chap of *******.
To be fair to the old man, he wants to stab me and or hit my head with a shovel, don't worry though the threat to harm or kill other users are “banter” apparently, it must be as a MOD informed me of it.

Aw, Diddums..... I'm a softy, to be honest, most people on here would prefer a match and a pint of petrol over your malignant head.