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"You're a poo-poo head!"..."No, you're a poo-poo head" - Sticky for handbag swinging


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I reckon so. Spider was a special type of retard and Shockwave seems to follow that pretty well.

Although Shockwave hasn't sent me a private message offering to meet up for a fight like Spider did.
What did you to deserve that?
Oh, yes...That. Somebody so spectacularly dim that they have no concept of island topography only comes along once in a lifetime.
Stop being so cynical. He may have had low graphics settings on his PC- thus rendering the landscape pretty flat.


Spider had a lot of faults but I don't remember him being a walt. Just a dick.
Isn't Spider the never-served civvy groundsman, ridiculed herein with the epithet of "Lawnmower Man??"

Hence my use of the flying mower gif - 'cos he's a lawnmower pilot.

Did the kollectiv not determine that Shockwave and Greenfly were yet more Baglock socks...???
I’m just talking to an ex scaley on another means, he claims to have not seen the signals troop commander human centipede photo.

My phone automatically deleted it on the grounds of good taste. If anyone has it can they post it again, so I can mock him relentlessly about not joining the Women’s Auxiliary Balloon Corps instead?



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He can't he's in Tier 3 isn't he?
He'll have a 'special pass' so he can stand outside the Turkish internet cafe and hijack their wifi....
I wonder what dialect it'll be in?


This page is more fun:

She is the ginge "sex adviser" who advertises Vagisan.

And better still:

No, it's not for me, but I'm going to recommend her "dating coaching" services for Bogsy.

Donkeys that need dating advice only require one response - get yourself sterilised.


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Actually, thinking about it - he's probably too busy telling the Corbyn clowns where they went wrong and how they should have indulged in 'real' socialism....
Donkeys that need dating advice only require one response - get yourself sterilised.

I wonder what she thinks about using concrete gnomes for foreplay


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