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"You're a poo-poo head!"..."No, you're a poo-poo head" - Sticky for handbag swinging


May I enquire as to why Bugsy's ROPs have been unjustly and tyrannically extended? Is it because the Mods are capitalist running dogs and mere lackeys for the mechanism of bourgeois oppression of the huddled masses?

Or is there another, far funnier reason?
Truth is, I have no idea how long the original ban was for, or if it was extended. As you are aware I'm humourless, so that's the funniest I can offer I'm afraid old boy.
He (Bogsy) will be trawling the streets of Nottingham looking for pigeons to shout at.

I need to edit this

This page is more fun:

She is the ginge "sex adviser" who advertises Vagisan.

And better still:

No, it's not for me, but I'm going to recommend her "dating coaching" services for Bogsy.
Thought that was going to be about the female boxer. Didn't realise it was about the bare arrse boxer...

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