"You're a poo-poo head!"..."No, you're a poo-poo head" - Sticky for handbag swinging

Juvenile to point out that tourists routinely get their cars stranded on the causeway by failing to read the posted tide tables?

Right, got it.
Of course... let's ignore the context. That it is one per however many thousand visitors suggests it is the exception rather than the 'done thing' but when you posted your comment you thought it was a frightfully clever riposte rather than a comment on visitor stupidity.

No matter. What says more about you is that you are whining to the moderators about a thread you really don't have to read.
Edited again. You really aren't very good at this stuff are you. Well apart from editing and deleting posts... you are quite a dab hand at that.
Do you mind! It rites lerned paipers!

In it's dreams. The failure.


You kept insisting that I was 50. Make up your mind.
Too old to be hunting for illegals and contraband cigarettes in the recess above a 40 tonners wheel arches in British weather


You'd know of course... :roll:
I've seen the border force fly on the wall documentary.

Isn't this the kind of thing that qualifies someone as an expert round here?

I particularly enjoy the narrator inevitably saying after an illegal has been caught, "the migrant was released on bail and later absconded". Makes it all seem futile