Your Worst and Best Accommodation Stories

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Some of you may have been reading the thread, Soldiers Live in Slums
    It was suggested that we may start a thread on this subject. To be fair we must also report the good with the bad. Does anyone have any stories out there? They can be both single or married accommodation stories.
  2. Best...RAF (actually a USAF base) Lakenheath. Not enough room in the Officers' Mess so we had to "slum it" in the airmens' block. I had a single room with a proper double bed, TV and a shared kitchen between each 2 rooms.

    Worst...Officers' Mess, Woolwich. 3 man rooms! Radiator on the summer. Alcohol, the only solution....
  3. worst was transit accomadation at the shot

    burnt food every night, a minging ten man room that looked like it hadn't had any work done on it since the fifties and a shower that consisted of a dirty dribble
  4. :cry: Worst was the old spider blocks at CMH Aldershot circa 1978. Cold, overcrowded and filthy. Plus falling to pieces.
    Best, 5 AFA Sgt's mess at Oxford Bks, Munster. New, very private (three live in members)and very close to the bar. Heaven :lol: :lol:

    Those were the days :x
  5. Best singly acc with out a doubt was 33 Indep Fd Sqn RE at Antrim ..... After we had moved out of the tin huts and into the brand spanking new blocks... Flats with either 4 Bed Spaces or 4 Single Rooms plus Bathroom and Kitchen etce and that was in the mid 80's. Compared to the tin huts it was luxury!

    Worst singly acc ..... the Bl**dy Tin Huts at Antrim!!!! remember those, like freezers in the winter and ovens in the summer, as for the rodents? well ferkin thousands!

    Best Pad? Got to be the three storey Pad I had in Brunssum Holland (AFCENT) and the worst .... tough choice? where do you start, most were crap ranging from the rabbit hutch sized thing at Chatham to the old USAF Pre Fab in Luggershall, however the out right winner has to be the last Pad I had .... that was at Brize Norton, the Pre Fab quarters there are total sh*t, asbestos infestateded 1970's rubbish well past their sell by date. larger and better built rabbit hutchs are available from Pets 'R' Us !!!!

    They started a re-furb programme while I was there, shame they didnt knock em all down but instead did a glorified re-furb. Out of interest, Do YOU live in one? you may be interested to know the outer wall sections are not fixed to the frame, they just 'hang on' with hooks! ..... that was one thing amongst dozens that had to be fixed in the re-furb. We wont mention the roofs, as****os, electrics, plumbing ...... here 8O At least the flats have come down, well most of em anyway.
  6. Worst: The Portacabins behind the Sgt's Mess in Templer Barracks, Ashford, Kent. Without any exaggeration, there was a mushroom on the wall above my bed (6 beds to a room) that was the size of a large dinner plate.

    Best: Ironically, the best accommodation I ever lived in was during an operational tour of Bosnia in '95, when we lived in a local hiring. My air-conditioned tent on Telic 2 was quite good also. Apart from that, and speaking as a 21 year married WO2 currently living in an ex officer's quarter on an RAF station, I can honestly say that I have never lived in decent Army single accommodation; on reflection, it's all been crap, even the stuff I used to consider to be good at the time. It was only good because I was comparing it to the usual standards of Army accommodation.

    When I was a junior, the old adage of RHIP meant that the seniors and officers got all the good accommodation. Now I'm a senior, the juniors are being looked after slightly better (nothing to do with me), so they have started getting all the best accommodation. Before anyone has a go at me, I only said "started"; there is still some pretty dire junior ranks accommodation out there. And I actually believe it's right to start dealing with the worst accommodation first, which is why the juniors are getting upgraded before the seniors.

    Having seen the way colleagues in other branches of Government such as the Civil Service and Police are looked after, frankly I think it's a national disgrace that we still have soldiers living in such squalor, and paying for the privelage too, especially when it is a permanent UK or Germany based location. To all the reporters who monitor this website, please keep writing stories about it to keep it in the public eye.
  7. Damn, you're right and I had forgotten about that one.
    Worst (and coldest) accommodation ever was not Ashford, it was the transit accommodation at Mons Barracks, Aldershot, 1986. Christ, I'm going to have nightmares now you've reminded me.
  8. Worst? Was and still is the fungus-encrusted portacabins in the Royal Signals Corps Mess in Blandford. Totally embarassing - there are still WO1s and WO2s living in there and it's supposed to be the flagship of the Corps! Absolutely disgusting.

    Best? The seniors blocks in HMS Collingwood. Absolutely unreal Z-type travelodge-type rooms with cleaners coming in every day (giving you a nosh if you sleep in :wink:) and ensuite rooms that are so smart that they take the p1ss! TV, double room etc etc. Really smart. And the mess bills are about 10p a day or something stupidly cheap. But the draught Stella in the bar (yeah that's right Stella on draught) is a bit expensive at about £1.50 a pint.:D

    Damn...I need to get back there on a course.
  9. Worst accommodation I have lived in was at MONS Barracks Aldershot inhabited by 6 Fd Force Field Ambulance and restructured to 16 Field Ambulance. Sometimes the worst of things brings out the best in people. What a bunch of characters. Prisoners were certainly housed better and the MOD had the audacity to charge us for living there. Nearly as bad as HMG charging me council tax for living in a trench in a Middle Eastern Sh*thole for 6 months.

    Posters were included with cliches:

    Don`t kick the rats - they were here before us!!!!!

    Last person to PVR, please switch off the lights!!!!

    Happy memories.
  10. So that's official, three of us rate Mons Barracks in Aldershot as the worst.
    You're right though, there were some great characters when I was there too (off and on from 1986-1988). The RCT bar was excellent, good eggs to a man, and they used to put food dye in all the beer. Went there one night and got thoroughly ratted with them, slept in the next morning and my Sgt had to come and dig me out of bed. Driving to work, I asked him why all the trees had been chopped down, did they have Dutch Elm disease or something?
    He looked at me as if I was a complete tw@t. Quite understandable really, given that it was the night of those really bad storms (1988?), and most trees across Southern England had been flattened. In my alcoholic stupour, I had slept through the whole thing.
  11. Worst living in: Bruneval Bks, Montgomery Lines. When I arrived in 88, I was told "Don't worry we'll be getting new accn next year". They're still there.

    Best on tour: On loan service in Sierra Leone, living in the brand spanking Rockstar mansions at the top of the hill overlooking Freetown. Three man chalets and a cracking bar in the compound, plus so much money it was ridiculous.

    Best MQ: Private hiring in Sandgate, three storey Georgian Townhouse with the beach just across the road, and a Shepherd Neame pub 150 yds away. They've just moved me out the b*stards.
  12. Worst 2 - Fally transit accomodation or Airport Camp, Belize (nissan huts)

    Best 2 - Pearl beach Villa, Op Granby or Apartment in central Calgary (and the CS$ 90 per day allce)

    Worst mess accn - Middle Wallop

    Best Mess accn - DLO Andover

    Worst Quarter - Packard Rd Lisburn

    Best Quarter - Dishforth (Offrs type)
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Er...i assume this is the old Mons we're referring to?. They rebuilt Mons Barracks from a brown field site in 2001...accom there is supposed to be Sub Z scale eg own rooms but shared ablutions.....and it's less than 5 years old ?
  14. worst,
    Got to be Buller Bks in the shot got there early 92 from Jlr's had to live in a room housing 8 inc lockers and MFO boxes that would and did struggle to sleep 4 in comfort/privicay place was infested with cockroaches and bogs were regualry filled to the top with sh1te as some one always robbed the bog roll after inspections leaving you to wipe your arse on newspaper that wouldnt flush.
    Grantham is pretty rank as well think one block needs something like 1/4 million spending on it just to make it comply with H&S lockers were/are dated from the 50's and still have mounting brackets for the 303 8O

    Best would be either dusseldorf, fitted out 2/3 man rooms in flat type set up or MillHill book was pants but most of us on MT had our own massive 4 man rooms with couch fridge ect and showers/accom was mixed and never caused any issues civi cleaners to do the block so only had room to clean for an inspection
  15. yes goatman it was prior to 2001. A brownfield site would certainly have been an improvement. If memory serves it was due for demolition in 1956 and I arrived there in 1983. Remember a christmas rear party (dicked for it as I was the new tea boy) when the security state went up. My off time was spent wrapped in grey GS blankets in the middle of the 10 man toom trying to light a hexiblock on the concrete floor for some heat.

    Mappy days