Your workmates - funniest nicknames and why

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Run_Charlie!, May 31, 2006.

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  1. Let's hear 'em!

    "SAS" Swiss Army Sean, a guy I work with, owns a swiss army towel, minging!!! As soon as the lads found out, S.A.S. was born :)
  2. Nobby and his second name is funny is that !!
  3. "Mucus" ... The acne covered, exploding puss face who greeted me on arrival in my first unit :D
  4. had one lad at my first unit whose name was Scott La Rock, obviously SLR
    and another one of my mates had a serious accident in Kenya (nearly died with serious injuries) who is now known as FUBAR..fu**ed up beyond all recognition.
  5. Although I wouldn't particularly call him a work'mate' - WOFTAM (Waste of F**King Time and Money)
  6. BEUB - big eared ugly bar-steward (ended up my best man)
  7. A tutor at the college where I work:

    Menstrual Man - because he's a bleeding c*nt!
  8. My brother told me there was a lad who broke both his legs in a car crash and never fully recovered.

    Twisty...always made me chortle.
  9. Thrush................. because he's an irritating cnut!!!
  10. 'sledge' - cos he was always getting pulled by dogs!!!!
  11. Cam-net.... Useless in camp & annoying as fcuk on exercise.
  12. Drill....small boring TOOL
  13. THROM (as in thrombosis).....slow moving clot
  14. Hussar, fella why not say it once more and guees who is going to have the new name of Thrush lol
  15. Spleen - cause you can live without one!