Your workmates - funniest nicknames and why

Let's hear 'em!

"SAS" Swiss Army Sean, a guy I work with, owns a swiss army towel, minging!!! As soon as the lads found out, S.A.S. was born :)
had one lad at my first unit whose name was Scott La Rock, obviously SLR
and another one of my mates had a serious accident in Kenya (nearly died with serious injuries) who is now known as FUBAR..fu**ed up beyond all recognition.
BEUB - big eared ugly bar-steward (ended up my best man)
My brother told me there was a lad who broke both his legs in a car crash and never fully recovered.

Twisty...always made me chortle.
'sledge' - cos he was always getting pulled by dogs!!!!
Cam-net.... Useless in camp & annoying as fcuk on exercise.


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VEK stands for dyslexic Kev

Lovely bloke but the name says it all
exocet - you can see him coming but you cant get out of his way
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