Your weapon of choice

If you had a choice, what would it be?

Mine is

FN FAL version of the SLR, c/w folding stock, 30 round Mag and full auto facility. Maybe with a bipod thrown in. Will not jam due to close proximity of sand castles etc.

Parker Hale M82 for the buggers that hide too far away.

Close quarters, Phantom HP semi auto shotgun

Side arm, Berretta 92F, borrowed Billy F's in the emerald toilet and it was a dream, beautiful weapon to fire.

Last resort, S&W model 610 10mm auto, revolver that would blow a hole in an elephant and wont jam due to to the wrong kind of leaves etc.

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The FN although reliable is similar to a scud missile, if it hits you don't be offended it probably wasn't intended for you.

The 92F would be an excellent bit of kit if the barrel shroud protected the weapon further, to many instances of guys loseing fingers & hands for me.

Ona personal level I much prefer the S&W 686 revolver, granted only limited to six at a time but = with a bag of speedloaders and a profficient shot lethal, alot of the US police forces and bodygaurds are resorting to revolvers, never a stoppage and the 38 spec/ 357 can offer either short range accuracy and penetration or a long range cannon that can shoot through schools.
Sidearm - Colt .45 Commander, guaranteed man stopper,only drawback being mag capacity. However, a weapon that has been in service since 1911 and still does the job, gets my vote. Fired one at a gunshop in Las Vegas, jesus, there were more weapons on that wall, than we have in our armoury. Fired the Mac 10 with the sonics silencer, on auto, the barrel climbs like a home sick angel.

Main weapon -  I like the M-16 modular system by DiMarco , where differnet barrels/Recievers/attachments can be added, or the Bushmaster version with the M203 Grenade launcher thingy.

G36 would be another choice, possibly the FN paratroop version, folding stock to keep the length down a bit. Possibly the Sig Sauer Assault, which everyone who uses it swears by, but is bloody expensive..
Keeping the length down doesn't do the recoil any favours.

Try firing a No5 Jungle Carbine if you like sore shoulders

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