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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Prince Philip

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  2. Hugh Grant

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  3. Rowan Atkinson

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  4. Randy McNob

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  5. Talulah Riley

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  6. Prince Harry

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  7. The COs

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  8. The Lord Flashheart

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  9. Brown/Cameron/Clegg

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  1. We haven't had one of these in a while... Imagine the UK political system is different and you have to vote for the Prime Minister you want (no ending up with Mr Brown by default). No rules apply as to who the PM can be.

    So, this is the selection I have for you - if you have any complaints about people not listed then go create your own poll.

    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - Exactly what we need, straight talking, decent old chap, proper hero.

    Hugh Grant - Known all over the world. Gave "that speech" on Love Actually that we all wish Blair would have had the swingers to make.

    Rowan Atkinson - Everyone in the world, including amazonian tribes not yet known to civilisation know of Mr Bean.

    Randy McNob - Excellent advertisment for duck tape, covering eyes, for the purpose of.

    Talulah Riley - Because I would wolf down shyte off a stick just for a chance to sniff her undercrackers

    Prince Harry - William as King, Harry would be far better as PM despite being a Gwar. Has the potential to turn into his Grandfather

    The COs - Good and Bad CO come as a team for this one.

    The Lord Flashheart - Because I'm upset that he doesn't answer my pms where I express my undying love and I want to get some proper brown nosing in. That and it'd be fecking hilarious.

    Brown/Cameron/Clegg - Yeah fecking right. Ruined the country, inbred and unheard of, in that order.
  2. What, no Clarkson?
  3. Arrse... See if I can add it at this advanced stage... Thanks

    Edited to add that no, I can't change the poll
  4. what about the aussie mp,now he IS GOOD
  5. I need a bit of clarification.

    Does a dictator have to have a PM?

    Would a dictator be the PM by default?

    As both above but substitute junta for dictator.

    If Prince Philip were the PM, would it be lawful to overthrow him in a coup?

    Have you discussed this poll with the ARRSE Revolutionary Council?
  6. Dear God no! You should be strung up by your entrails for the very suggestion.

    To the rest: No and no idea.
  7. Even though I am not a fan of yanky doodles, I would like to see that yank sheriff Joe Arpaio as PM. He seems like a no nonsense kind of chap who would poo poo those nasty do gooder human right twats.
  8. I'd better not vote for him, then. Can't have anything interfering with the coup.
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Julian Clary.
  10. It has to be Clarkson.
  11. Fred Goodwin. Let's get all our hate-figures in one package.
  12. Yes, Clarkson gets my vote.
    Could never vote for Flashy though. No man wearing those coveralls should ever be allowed to have such power over BATs :D
  13. Norman Tebbit. A chance missed.
  14. Why is Baldrick not on the list, he is a former member of tyhe House of Lords?
  15. Why is Baldrick not on the list, he is a former member of the House of Lords?