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Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Blackrat, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Todays youth (or "yoof" if you're a young thruster). What can be done about them? This is a question doing the rounds frequently. Obviously, there is a lack of discipline and respect voicing the calls of "Bring back National Service", but this will not work. His esteemed Lowness, The Right Horrible Gordon Brown, stated a while back that he would wish to see an increase in CCF/ACF/ATC/SCC blah blah blah. Would this have any effect. Being an ACF Instructor now, the cadets we have are volunteers and enjoy being in the ACF and have pride. I was in the ACF before i joined up and it is, on the whole, a good thing.

    Lets just say, for example, Broon made a concerted effort to make the youth join up, would this make any difference whatsover? Is this a better argument than National Service being brought back? Or will this be the mother of all fcuk ups?

    I'm interested to hear your views.
  2. Personally I don't think National Service is the answer, I don't see why the volunteers of the armed services should have to put up with the dregs of society who don't want to be there ( bit like those who want to do well at school being held back by pricks who just want to disrupt the class).

    I can just see the screaming softys having a field day when the first National Service person is brought home in a body bag from a sandy place, there will be up roar, not to mention someone somewere trying to sue for the breach of human rights, just not worth it.

    Some kind of community service program should be put in place, with the EMA scrapped for anyone not willing to take part and University tution fees suplimented for people who do.
  3. I don't think compulsory membership of the cadet organisations would be a good thing, but a government sponsored PR/recruitment drive would be a totally different thing.

    I was in the cadets when I was a youngster too, and if nothing else it gave me something to do, and taught me how to iron my kit, so I'm all for it.
  4. Mother of all fcuk ups IMO. Have you tried to make kids do something they don't want to do? (please remember this isn't the Naafi!! ;) )

    If kids were made to join a youth organisation you would end up with thousands of stroppy teenagers showing no enthusiasm and disrupting it for the kids that are there by choice.

    Admittedly there would be teenagers who would benefit from joining, teenagers who wouldn't have ever thought to join but those few would be outnumbered by those that would just resent it.

    Good idea in theory, but I personally doubt it would ever work.

    What needs to happen is for cadet associations to given wider publicity - TV adverts for example.
  5. I dont't understand why people often think that national service is the answer, all it does is takes X thousand of youths from the streets for Y years. It dosent stop someone who is a knacker from being a knacker when he or she leaves at the end of national service. Fair nuff, time in the service does change people, but it also changes some people for the worse. I know people who have left after 3 or 6 years and are still scroat lambrini swilling chavs.

    The one thing that yoofs of today know is the law, they know that their is no real punishment for them if they do anything wrong, they also know the people like you or I can usually do fcuk all to them if they damage our property, have a go etc (well, they think they do and I havent been caught filling them in yet)

    Lets face it, we are a liberal PC soft country. We have no punishment in place for offenders and the attitude is still to send them on a holiday. Look at the offenders arrested carrying knives, with the new legislation in place, out of so many hundred arrested carrying a knife, one was charged with under the new law.

    Plod os soft, to focused on targets and paperwork. To focused on arresting someone for swearing rather than the other two for scrapping, all you have to do is watch Sky to see them in action. THis way the stats look good. PC X arrested 4 people on Friday, 3 who were charged and fined (dosent say that they were pishing up a wall or mouthing off) whilst 9999999 burglars went about there business without any real hassle.

    I had it out with our local bobby and inspector at a residents meeting, my point was that by the time we phone them, its to late. Our windows are already smashed or the car scratched. The police need to have a deterrant (sp?)

    Rant over.
  6. FFS, I joined the army voluntarily and it didn't install much discipline in me.

    Though I was a REME Air Tech so that's probably not a very good example.
  7. Worked for Adolf :lol:
  8. The answer is that there is no answer. What we see today will seem like 'the good old days' in just a few years. All you can do is try and prepare yourself for it. Personally I am no longer shocked when I hear that a kid has murdered another kid, it's weekly now. And child abuse to the hands of sadistic parents is quite the norm'. There's darker days ahead. Oh, and the question of the Govt.? Let's be honest, they have not the will or the character to do anything about it.
  9. Looks like you may well have hit the nail on the head Panda.
  10. Good point! Do you think we'd get away with using the same punishments for refusing to sign up and/or disobeying orders? ;)
  11. What? Death? Could work i suppose.
  12. Blimey thats bleak. The glass is definitely half empty in your house.

    Do you work for the Samaritans? :D
  13. Bleak indeed Dingerr, but he does have a point. It's the way of society today unfortunately.
  14. "Army cadets, sea cadets, air cadets or firing's your choice"

    "no no anything but the air!!!"

  15. Many a moon ago I was posted to the cadet training team. My experience of the ACF and other related organisations is that the many of the kids are no better than their peers who stand on street corners, the only difference with the ACF kids is that they are a self disciplined, trained chav with the ability to shoot as well as stab. Of course, there are some good uns amongst the cadets and it was great to see them join up. I dont see how the cadets would make a difference to the chav yoof of today. The organisation is to small for a start and under funded.

    The Hitler Youth - now thats how it should be done :)