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For Sale - Radnor Ranges, Powys, Mid Wales
Wed, 18/05/2005 WebMaster

The Shrewsbury office of Lane Fox, National Property Consultants, has been instructed to sell Radnor Ranges, New Radnor, Powys, Mid Wales. This is a most beautiful 1,140 acres of open hill just off the A44 west of Hereford. The hill pastureland is generally grass, bracken, heather and bilberry with a few steeper cliff faces and scree slopes.

The site includes three hills, Great Rhos, Greigioau and Mynyddyr Eithin and three valleys. The main central valley has a stream running down its whole length and is licenced for a rifle range and explosives testing.This use has been running since the 1930s and an independent survey has been carried out to ensure there are no adverse deposits on the site from this use.

The few buildings on the site are associated with the range use. There is "The Bungalow" which is a store room located in an old slate mine and various armouries and explosives stores as well as targets and danger notices. The current Planning Permission for The Bungalow is for daytime occupation only.

"Radnor Ranges offer a rare opportunity to acquire over 1,100 acres in a ring fence at approximately £1,000 an acre in the UK", comments Tim Main from Lane Fox. "This is a most beautiful part of the world and walking the open hills it is very easy to forget about the current hustle and bustle of modern life. Approximately half of this site is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, generally for its flora".

The agents are indicating a guide price of £1,140,000.

For further information, please contact Tim Main, Lane Fox Shrewsbury, on 01743 353511, or email
Just what you have always wanted. :D
Does it come complete with a Pam 21 I wonder?
cloudbuster said:
Such a shame it's in Wales. They don't do a relocation package, do they?
As someone who grew up in the Marches, I can say that the only indication that you are in Wales in Radnorshire are the bilingual road signs. It's a shame nobody who lives there is bilingual. The biggest drawback however, is having to shop at Harry Tuffins!
One possible problem with it though. Seeing as where it is located "just off the A44 west of Hereford" might there be a problem with "them" wandering around your newly purchased back garden?
since when did UXB become ' adverse deposits'?

Careful there Charlie, I see an adverse deposit ..

Thought cows left them...