Every unit has a mincer and I dont mean in sexuality way nor in the kitchen, but people who just feck about all day, get fucak all done. In fact they mince about so much that they create more work that day because are top mincers.. is anybody with me on this one??
The thing is they were kid at school who was goody too shoes but they still did nothing.... Mincers oxygen thiefs, also they are the person who take the credit for someone else work ... smash em all up i say.. opinions please
Not so much the type of bloke to take credit for other peoples work but anybody who found themselves at The "Sh1t al Choggi Hotel" During Telic 4 will remember a Tim C******N. Tim Nice but dim was charged with cleaning up and moving water from the palets to the fridges. I am led to believe a Choggi LEC was his boss and used to ask the QM to employ another LEC for the job as he was sh1t.

He actually started off in a rifle platoon but after losing 60rds Saluting the CO as he came through the front gate, and being caught wearing a bandana and a string vest on stag they just had enough!

We took the p1ss but went Nuts if anybody else did. He's our unit mascot not yours so fcuk off before we nick your chubb!
Top thread ... hes still a mincer in my eyes
Surely to start this thread you had somebody in mind. We dont mind if its actually you. You can give him an imaginary name. Lets call him BaT????
I would like to volunteer Wafty Crank. If anyone wants reasons, please PM me.

Ha ha ha. One-Nil to the Slug!
664 Sqn Army Air Corps whilst in Minden had its very own, close group of make up wearing chums titled the Minden Mincers.

I am a mere sprog in comparison and I feel duty bound to bubble Muttley, out him as one of the Mincers and get him to tell the story :D
We had one in my unit - thankfully gone now!!! Trade training and he mangages to jump on a trailer with out putting the feet down on it, tries to check the oil with the gene running and to top it all runs, yes runs, into the back of the truck he was going to power up -

(admitted later - ''i didnt do a back of the hand test, i just did a front of the head test instead''!!!!!!!!) - MONG

was very bright in the classroom but get to the practical stage and he fell apart. When he transfered out of our unit the transfer went through in 1 1/2 hours!!!!!!
Mighty_doh_nut said:
664 Sqn Army Air Corps whilst in Minden had its very own, close group of make up wearing chums titled the Minden Mincers.
Hell's teeth, they had an even more mincy internal gang which they called "mincers"?

Freud was Right. :D

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