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I'm surprised the slaggin of this tw@t has not commenced yet! Are the victims as foolish as him or poor naive suckers?


A conman who claimed he worked for MI5 has been convicted of pocketing a £1m fortune during "an unbelievable odyssey of deceit".

Using tales of James Bond-type characters Robert Hendy-Freegard made his victims go on the run from imaginary IRA killers and the Polish Mafia.

The 34-year-old spent a decade comandeering the lives of nine people.

Six of them were women - he seduced them all and was bedding five at the same time. Most of them got engaged to him and one woman had two of his children.

Among the victims were a psychologist, who rated Hendy-Freegard's bedroom techniques as "11 out of 10", and a pregnant company director.

With unrelenting mind control techniques he gradually stripped them of their ability to think for themselves.

Many of his victims lived in poverty for years, believing they had handed over their money to stay alive. One victim lived on a Mars bar a week and slept rough during the winter.

Meanwhile the conman was enjoying a life of luxury, driving flashy cars, having expensive meals and taking five-star holidays in Brazil.

The silver-tongued Casanova who is said to have "exuded charm and persuasion" convinced his first two victims to abandon their studies, betray their wealthy families and hand over every penny they could beg, borrow or earn.

He sent them out "training" for missions they expected to have to take part in for the British government - but they were all wild goose chases made up by Hendy-Freegard.

The conman brainwashed his victims to such a degree that when police eventually began to investigate him, they believed it was all part of being tested and the victims refused to speak.

Godfrey Carey QC, prosecuting, told the court: "If the effect of this deceit had not been quite so dire he could be dismissed as a Walter Mitty."

He was found guilty at London's Blackfriars Crown Court of a total of 20 counts, including two counts of kidnap, ten charges of theft and eight counts of deception.

But he was cleared of two counts of kidnap, one count of theft and one of making a threat to kill.

Judge Deva Pillay warned he faces life behind bars and said: "It is plain to me as I have listened to the evidence of these many months that you are an egotistical and opinionated confidence trickster who has shown not a shred of remorse or compassion for the degradation and suffering to which your victims were subjected."
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Also heard that he managed to get £300,000+ out of one man (and a couple members of his family).... 8O one woman gave him her wages (shouldn't that be the other way round) 8O and the list goes on.
With 'skills' like that, to persuade people to do such tasks without pressure or proof and to gain such an undeniably level of trust - the silly git probably has one of the many requirements for real intel or undercover work!

Sure the agencies are crying in their laptops at their loss :)
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