your towns chav anthems

Guess that we must be the only one then!
Essex has one, due to our simplicity and bluntness it goes...ahem

For those who can't make the lyrics out, being sung in best tyke...

I say I’m a man I’m a mucka a consider mi self as a right good lucka, I say eyup lass show us ya tits. A gu rand bulding yard laying bricks am not brayney, but I can lift heavy stuff a got tattoos on mi arms shows that am tough. A get bladdered like a lummox and I ave got a big fat flabby stomach. A love to belch, a luv to fart, get ya tits art, dunt talk to me usin them big words a waint no wat thar on abart. A watch football and I love mi bitter, I read nuts magazine while on the shitter. A gu fishin cos it meks mi feel buzzin, mi brother is mi dad and mi mother is mi cuzzie.

I had a run in with one of Herefords finest chavs only yesterday afternoon. I don't work in Hereford, but was travelling through on our way back from a training venue. The muppet at the roadside felt the need to gob off repeatedly to our marked police car. I'm not sure if the locals usually drive past that kind of thing, but its always been a pet hate of mine. Me and my oppo went and introduced ourselves and the chavmong appeared to review his opinions of the police. Funny that.

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