Your top two cap badges

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rod924, Jul 3, 2005.

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  1. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Kit Reviewer

    Whilst watching the live8 yesterday, I suddenly thought about cap badges!
    Odd, I except. But this was due to a heavy metal band lead singer having, what looked similar to, one of my all time top badges, 17/21st Lancers and their DB's motto, 'death or glory'

    My second would be DERR

    p.s I never served with or was attached to either
  2. SS cap badge. Scary!
  3. i saw that too, skull and cross bones .
    i was thinking SS on a brit cap
  4. That's QRL isn't it?
  5. The skull and cross bones cap badge (known to the regiment as 'The Motto') is indeed now the QRL, who wear it as a beret badge, which was worn by the 17th/21st Lancers before amalgamation.

    In 1993 the 16th/5th and 17th/21st Lancers were amalgamated to form The Queen’s Royal Lancers
  6. Oh, i thought it was the Deth Corps Badge, but on reflection your probably right and i bow to your superior knowledge. (I had partaken in some silly drinking games by that point and my judgement wasn't best)

  7. 17/21st Lancers had their Death or Glory motto/capbadge long before Hitler and his thugs came on the scene. A German Hussar regiment also sported a similar badge up to WW1. At least one Indian army infantry regiment also used the swastika atop their regimental colour standard prior to Nazism reared its ugly head, it was a Hindu good luck charm.

    Leave the QRL motto alone theirs is an honourable device, nothing to do with the sinister deaths head adopted by the SS (some of the posts on this thread are tinged with a little too much PC - are those posters really in the army)?
  8. Grenadier Guards Capbadge :wink:
  9. I personally think the RSDG badge is pretty spiffing. Fookin' humungous Froggie eagle. Top that! 17/21L come a close second, hotly pursued by the Gordons.
  10. What about the Royal Signals 'Jimmy' aka the interflora man....