your top Rugby LEAGUE team of all time?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bigjimdangley, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. I'm off to Cardiff on the 12th Feb (Thanks Tickets for troops!) to watch the RL seasons opening extravaganza!

    Because I've been arguing the toss for a few days on a Rugby Union thread about the top RU 15 of all time and how League is better. I decided to start a new thread with my all time top Rugby League team of all time.

    Please feel free to put yours on..

    Please feel free to put your all time top Rugby Union side on too_Or tell me why I'm wrong in my thinking that RL is the superior sport ;-)
    HOWEVER if you put RU players on please be prepared to defend their endeavours on the pitch-(tries scored/caps gained/matches played/dressing room anecdotes) a league versus Union "Top Trumps," if you will.

    Apologies for taking that RU thread off point. (You know what I mean Whingeingpom!)

    My all time X13:


    11 Second row:pAUL FOGGERTY 12 Second row:SCOTT GIBBS

    13 Loose forward / Lock: KEITH SENIOR

    7 Scrum half / Halfback:BOBBY GOULDING

    6 Stand-off / Five-eighth:KIERON CUNNINGHAM

    4 Left centre:MAL MENNINGA 3 Right centre:pAUL LOUGHLIN

    5 Left wing:MARTIN OFFIAH 2 Right wing:VA'AIGA TUIGAMALA

    1 Fullback:JONATHAN DAVIS

    Who'd you pick?

    I reckon that pack'd give you RU types a run for your money too!
  2. I'm short for time but no place for Alex Murphy or Sean Edwards?? Will return to this later!!
  3. Or Billy Boston or Tom Van Vollenhoven!
  4. Any 13 Australians.
  5. OK, here's my 10 pence worth!!!

    1. Fullback - Billy Slater.
    2. Wing - Martin Offiah.
    3. Centre - Billy Boston.
    4. Centre - Greg Inglis/Sonny Bill Williams.
    5. Wing - Va'aiga Tuigamala
    6. Stand off - Darren Lockyer.
    7. Scrum Half - Shaun Edwards/Andrew Johns - Too hard to decide that one!!!
    8. Prop - Willie Mason.
    9. Hooker - Kieron Cunningham.
    10. Prop - Jamie Peacock.
    11. Second Row - Chris Joynt.
    12. Second Row - Adrian Morley.
    13. Loose Forward - Ellery Hanley.

    It's proper hard to put players on an all time list because there are many candidates for many positions!!!

    Let the slagging begin :)

    Cheers N_W
  6. Big Jim your team has showed you up as knowing nothing about RL. I can only assume you have been to watch St Helens in the past looking at the team you have picked-If you didnt know Senior and Gibbs were/is a centre(s)

    .......and Cunningham probably the greatest Hooker of all time (not a 6)

  7. I apologise -there are some glaring positional errors. I was in a hurry, nicked a field layout thingy and tried to put it on the thread.I've still to pick my subs.
    My bad. Adjustment to follow.

    I take it you're not a Saints fan then?

    Although- when I first saw Cunningham play in 96 (Saints Bradford) at Wembly he wasnt playing 6!
  8. Any?
    Paul Hogan,The cast of Neighbours, Dame Edna,Rolf Harris, Russel Crowe, Mel Gibson,Those two blokes from the Fosters ad.......etc
    Wife just said;
    Holly Vallance and Kylie....dunno about Danny though.I don't think shes got the pace

    I reckon we'd well win
  9. I could make a case for 13 Australians (less NO.13 obviously) - it is their national sport after all.

    Here are the best 13 I've ever seen in the flesh (so no Boston, Karalius, Bevan etc):

    1. Billy Slater
    2. Jason Robinson
    3. Greg Inglis
    4. Mal Meninga
    5. Martin Offiah
    6. Brett Kenny
    7. Peter Sterling
    8. Kevin Ward
    9. Ben Elias
    10. Adrian Morley
    11. Les Boyd
    12. Dennis Betts
    13. Ellery Hanley

    For just Brits:

    1. Kris Radlinski
    2. Jason Robinson
    3. Paul Newlove
    4. Joe Lydon
    5. Martin Offiah
    6. Shaun Edwards
    7. Andy Gregory
    8. Kevin Ward
    9. Keiron Cunningham
    10. Adrian Morley
    11. Jamie Peacock
    12. Dennis Betts
    13. Ellery Hanley

    So many good players left out too.
  10. I find it hard to believe there's no mention of the great Clive Sullivan on the wing nor Knocker Norton as loose forward. Kris Radlinski has to be in anyone's top picks of full backs too. Kevin Ward was a superb prop and built like a bull but he was never a mobile prop and would have found it hard going in today's game. Peter Stirling has to be worth a mention too and , of course, Johnny Whitely. Bobby Goulding was an arse who's appalling personality killed his game, he was so bad his fellow team mates hated him and he got returned from an Australia tour because his team mates beat him up and threw him through a window because of his attitude towards some locals. Mal Meninga has to be up there as well as Franno Botica. Robinson has to be worth a mention too, I suppose when you had a side as good as the 80-90's Wigan side they are inevitably going to be well represented purely because they played so well together. Mind you seeing Danny Orr being fed by Lee Crooks or Dean Sampson was usually poetry in motion!
  11. Beat me to knocker, MiT! Had the pleasure of watching him when he played for Hull FC!

    Edited to add, that it's sad not to see Garry Schofield mentioned either!
  12. As an ambassador for the sport, as a sportsman. For having played for Hull KR, as well as that other shower, and for giving his name to the road out of Hull. Despite being Welsh.

    Roger Millward. 10-5 Challenge Cup win over FC, with a broken jaw.
  13. Garry was poacher supreme when you could kick through the play-the-ball. A great player and should probably be in the squad, as well as Roger Millward and indeed Phil Lowe.
  14. big jim , you sound like my kind of fella, a wigan prop and a south african greyhound winger playing for st helens , out of the same era Gerry Helme, and Brian Bevan from warrington real rugby players! add a few members of the 1956 aussie touring team and we are talking rugby greats!!
  15. Two who may well have appeared on the list but for injury halting them in their prime: Kris Radlinski (Wigan) hat-trick in 1995 Premiership Final & awarded Harry Sunderland trophy, Andrew Johns (Aus) Most Valuable Player 95 World Cup....
    Also Steve Prescott (Full back) Saints & later Hull Sharks and Eric Ashton (Wigan) deserves a mention.

    just noticed radioman had Radlinski on his list