Your top 5 hidden ( or otherwise) gems of regular contributors of content to U Tube we should watch.


Jordan Peterson is an absolute legend, I could watch him for hours.

If you like Dr Peterson's work, and his insights into human nature and society, then you might enjoy, be interested in, or find yourself agreeing with the insightful things said during conversations that many figures have had with John Anderson, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

Conversations with John Anderson
Ship happens a family who bought an old ex navy motorboat and are busy restoring it. Once you get past the scouse accent you’ve got to applaud their dedication

Then there’s itchy boots , a rather fine looking Dutch girl who’s riding around the world, she has a great can do attitude and tries to give good info on all the places she goes with none of the drama you sometimes get on other channels.


For a bit of a van build theme Greg Virgo is the man to go to. A bit dry but excellent in all things van building.



Pretty uncool to come out of the closet and admit to having been involved in a bit of hardcore Philately from time to time. Regardless of your level of interest (or total un-interest) I would strongly recommend a watch of the Exploring Stamps Youtube videos - especially the first four series. Cant believe I found myself binge watching. Great presenter, great production and surprisingly watchable. Soon came to realise there are still a lot of good points about studying little squares of paper. Seriously - give it a try at least.

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The Internet Historian.

Be prepared to pause his vids a lot as they are full of things you only see on freeze frame, or feature various puns while also covering a topic.

For instance, when talking about an Internet pile-on, it features an image of a pylon.

The Cost of Concordia. Covers the science of the sinking, with humour, gets serious over the deaths and features things you probably never knew. Animation is Pythonesque. Also features a brick joke about the bell.

Sister channel covers how the animation in each video is done and why each video takes so long to make plus other things not covered in the previous video.

At 39 minutes is how the animation is made and why it takes so long.

Another from The Internet Historian.

The story of No Man's Sky.

If you don't know the story, you really must stick with it till the end. To say more will spoil it.

Of note is that he does adverts within the videos which feature the same wacky style and often mock the product he's promoting.


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Scammer Payback

For all of those poor buggers who have been hacked by "Alex" or "Tom" yet have a very strong Indian accent, this is a tonic.

Pierogi is a rare talent, doesn't shout or do ridiculous screaming, he is just a Jedi master in hacking.

The joy comes in when the penny drops and the scammer realises that the sheep they've been hunting is actually a wolf.

One video has an Indian scammer who is confident in his anonymity and he challenges Perogi:

Pierogi - "I know where you are buddy."
Scammer - "You know nothing."
Pierogi - "I know you moved out of Kolkata."
Scammer - "HA! We are not in Kolkata. I knew you were lying."
P - "No, I said you MOVED out of Kolkata."
S - "So where are we then, mother f~~ker?"
P - "Hyderabad."
S - "Hyderabad is a big place. You know nothing."
P - "I know you are on Hitec Road."
S - sputters
P - "Hitec Road, Building 4, 5th floor, corner office."
S - Horrified silence
P - "Am I lying?"

I really love that some revenge can be had. He will normally copy info and then delete the scammer's files. Their impotent tears of rage are beautiful to behold.
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Anyone really interested in fish, fishing and beautiful high definition footage of fish, will find Fishing with Luiza interesting. I mean some of the footage of fish is simply stunning. In fact I reckon I feel like a big portion of fish and chips right now.
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