Your thoughts on 'Jarhead'

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Strikesure, Feb 28, 2005.

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  1. A telling read and recommended to you all. Tell me that this stuff didn't happen to any of you during Granby/Telic/Fingal or at any other time with our army.

    I've suffered at the hands of the army but I've nearly always deserved it, caused it or known why it's happened if not. The cause of the litany of disasters in this book is their ethos which they seem to have got significantly wrong even in this elite part of this elite unit.

    Your thoughts on how it could happen and where did they go wrong.
  2. Read it some while back. My opinion was that it was a cut and paste jon from many sources - some of them urban myth-type. As reading - OK. As history - naah.
  3. Excellent book. Definately not a cut and paste job as previously suggested. Have friends in the USMC and shit like that does happen.
  4. Don't doubt it - all that to just one bloke though? Repeat- good read.
  5. Yeah, but if your face doesn't fit or someone just doesn't like you.
    Or you are un/lucky enough to be in the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time. Anything can happen.
  6. Read it a while ago i thought it was ok, And it was written in a way that soldiers can relate to, Weather you are a Septic or a Brit!
  7. I read Jarhead when the INvasion to Iraq was occuring in 2003, with all the hype Swaford recived on CNN, I found it was a very raw book, what I enjoyed about it was the fact it wasnt so much a solider's everyday. But his life and opinons on every page. Very open, a goopd read.

    2 Candian Beers
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I thought it was a self wallowing boring book, but clearly Hollywood thinks differently.
  9. Currently re-reading it... I'm not convinced.
  10. I like the thought that its a cut and paste job but it seems to hang together too well for that.

    Now, we've all probably worked with the Yanks and I reckon they are managing themselves into the ground but at times they seem to work OK, even effecively.

    However, harking back to the Vietnam War and behaving as though they were in the DMZ would be similar to us lionising our performance in Singapore or on Crete - madness. And the insane, destructive, drinking habits of supposedly elite memebers of an elite unit was staggering. Now, I suspect we have all been a bit 'tired and emotional' at one time or other, even on ops (meeting those Serbs/Croats say) but never to the same levels as these clowns. And the thought of any of our recce platoon types crossing the LD and then having to shed kit onto the desert as they go is just not on. Yes they might have done it before crossing the LD but you can be sure that they would have 'trialled' the loads they might have to carry in the heat way before H Hr - not just after sailing over the LD - crazy stuff that made me groan.

    It was (still is?) an army that hasn't got the emphasis in the right area. Their command and control structures at Bde and upwards are impressive but no one seeems to care about the lower levels and they suffer from this, married with an impressive lack of 'Core Values' (go on, yes you do, you know them, I know because you've read the booklet because you were told to). So the uncaring unsupervised by the uneducated allow the sorts of stuff that appear in this book and on the news (are our Fusiliers guilty of the same mistake) to occur.

    have they changed - your thoughts?
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    My quick synopsis:

    Unless somebody ripped out the middle of my book I recall the book as the following bullet points (pun not intended):

    Marine Barracks, war is declared they butt each other whilst wearing helmets and drink beer

    They travel to Saudi and wait

    They get the .50 Barrett

    They train, they get a new cmdr, they train some more

    They go to war and never fire a shot, there is an assault on an airfield

    Two men go on a patrol and find some dead iraqi's

    They don't get picked up and E&E back to their line to find Endex

    Along the way there are aside stories about (a) he's fat (b) his mate dies and they go to the funeral and have a fight.

    Nothing in the book seemed out of the ordinary or particularly a problem, the only thing I note is that Mr Jarhead can't seem to deal with change very well.... Boring book, did I say that already? Oh....