Your thoughts on Canadian troops here:

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Flagrantviolator, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Tell us what you think of us.Cheers.
  2. cool people who are much better allies than America.
    plus cool lakes and forests. (just so relaxing)
  3. I've worked with a few out in the Gulf in J2 environments-switched on and decent blokes! :thumright:
  4. Top blokes, good soldiers... :salut:
  5. Worked with them in Afghan good bunch although they have more bullsh*t than we do on tour
  6. What do you mean, BS? Like stricter ROE? Or worse kit? Please explain.Cheers.
  7. decent blokes / good skills .... nice to play dek-hockey in the desert! (The Tim Hortons pwnd Starbucks too)
  8. Respect. :D

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  9. Obviously he's trying to figure out what's in her glass so he can buy her a drink.
  10. Ummm.... Judging by the cord,I believe that's a microphone. Sigs guy, are ya?
  11. I don't know what ROE means but in the context of the British Armed Forces reference to "BullSh!t" means the over zealous (and unnecessary) enforcement of rules and military discipline...
  12. ROE is Rules of Engagement. And yes, we do have alot of bullshit. We normally call it "gayness", though.
  13. Rules of Engagement - duh...I should have picked up on that really!! :frustrated:
  14. Working with them now in Kandahar,the provost mob.Only have a sence of humour when there's snow on the ground.The french types get here soon,can't wait,sarcasm!!!!Their tank commanders (leopard II's) ignore local knowledge and drive themselve's into a minefield.They form queues longer than Dunkirk for a pot of tasteless coffee,septic coffee far better.They should all be 20stone monsters with the amount of donuts they scoff.Most have french sounding names,which might go a long way to explain their sence of humour or lack of.

    Septics far better,IMHO.
  15. I'll agree about Tim's coffee. The Yanks are better for coffee. Have the LeoIIs arrived already? Thought they were still in LeoI. The VanDoos are coming! A proper bunch of sodomist sons-of -lumberjacks.Have fun.