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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stu.howard, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. How does your unit handle their recruits?

    Do they have seperate timetables for them, dedicated staff and targetted learning to help them pass through phase 1 training?

    Or are they more disorganised, tend to not recognise recruits as worth talking to, or making an effort with?

    Just wondering what the split is, as mine falls into the latter - but I've spoken to staff with set ups more like the former.
  2. We have a seperate troop for our recruits at our unit so on a drill night they get the training they need to help them through phase 1, after they have passed they then go into the sqns so they can start phase 2
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    My company has a full time SNCO dedicated to recruit admin and processing and another Recruit Training SNCO trains the recruits on drill nights as well as teaching at the RTC on training weekends and Phase 1 camps. Other members from the Coy are occasionally tasked with helping out on weekends to cover.

    After the completion of Phase 1 the recruits are posted to their respective Platoons and training for CIC is effectively overseen at Pln level. It takes some effort to set up and run this, but you've got to place recruits and their training at the top end of the unit's priority list if you want to more than three blokes and a dog parading at your TAC.

    FYI we seem to have approx 6-10 phase 1 recruits at any given time and this seems to be the average for Coys in the Bn. The key here, you need to separate the admin and processing cell from the actual Recruit Training. Having the same bod juggle both just means lots of Joes sitting around waiting for the TRTNCO to sort someone else's stuff out.
  4. Yeh, I think you've hit the nail on the head there.

    We currently have 2 recruits in phase 1. One of whom is myself, and the other is my friend who is heading in tonight to discuss a move to a REME unit nearby.

    Since I've been attending (from April this year [giving you an idea of how slowly it's been going]) there've only been 6 recruits. One joined the regs, 3 disappeared and two remain..

    There is only ever a maximum of ~9 sappers on parade, 3 JNCOs and a disproportionate number of officers and SNCOs.
  5. If you’re a unit with endless amount of new recruits turning up at the gate, you can give them all the paperwork and tell them to come back on a specific recruiting day with a group of other recruits and then start the process of enrolling and structured additional training in line with Phase one over a period of 12 weeks until the next batch of recruits come on line.

    That would be nice for any RRTT, dead easy for the instructor.

    However in the case of most TACs if a possible recruit turns up at the gate, you want him in straight away, you don’t want to loose him, you really need to start engaging with him ASAP and getting him turning up every drill night by providing him with initially retention training to keep him coming back then once on Phase 1 training, we drop the retention training with extra training that runs concurrently with phase 1 training.

    With this being the case we can have up to 8 recruits on a drill night all wanting different lessons.

    I can be instructing 6 recruits on basic F&M with 2 recruits that have just turned up listening in for interest.

    Or going thro naming parts of the weapon with recruits that have not even started phase 1, with Phase 1 recruits listening in

    So yes we do have separate training details for recruits and targeted structured learning, but as you can see it’s not that simple.
  6. At our unit we have a really good system, we have a dedicated recruiting troop headed up by an Lt then under him we have a Staff Sgt, Sgt, 2 NCO's, and a Medic.
    We have in the region of about 20 recruits, they get seperated into different sections depending on what level they are at. Each of these sections are headed up by one of the NCO's.
    Each week the recruits have a seperate time table to the rest of the unit and these lessons are taught by the guys in the recruiting troop. When we do P.T the recruits sometimes join in, but for the majority of the time they are seperated. As soon all of there training is finished they are then put into the various troops.
  7. When I was parading in a detached rifle platoon, (about 2 hours from company HQ), for a time we had 2 recruits in civvies, 3 recruits waiting to go on CIC, and about 4 trained soldiers and a clerk/driver/everything. All of whom were privates. Whenever he could get the time off work, we also had an Lt.

    Whilst not ideal, we got on with things ourselves. Company HQ had a bit of a surprise when we tipped up for weekends! :D (Most of them anyway).

    As for handling of our recruits, if we had enough numbers they would be off learning recruit stuff but treated as part of the platoon on the social side and at the end of the evening.
  8. That's the system we have too. Much better than it was when I joined about eight years ago, when it was pretty much as described by stu.howard (2 recruits in a year and zero interest). It took a year to get the training I needed to do CMSR and for them to book me a date. I must have been very keen.
  9. Yep, the only reason I'm staying is because I like the capbadge and if everyone leaves then it'll never improve..

    It's a shame that the regular SSgt who recruited me, and the best fella there, is being posted elsewhere in about a month.
  10. If the figures I've seen are true, then I'm in one of the strongest signal regiments. Odd that we don't have an OC or 2IC shortly but our outstation has around 2-3 times more soldiers than us????
  11. Since we have 2 TALO one in Bristol and one in Gloucester our recruits have a very good start point , I would recommend any other unit to try to have a TALO as our recruiting has gone though the roof we have at 10 new recruits every 2 months to train we are at full strength, and that's after sending 20 lads with 1 rifles on Herrick 9
  12. This is really quite astonishing - rarely have I been so dissapointed by something I have read on this site. Here we have a keen individual who is being summarily fukced about by a hapless unit and semingly, I appear to be the only one who is enraged by this story.

    In this day of OAR, manning, retention and operational opportunity, we have someone who has no unit specific recruit training, has hung around since April, and is a 16% success rate against the 6 that joined. Is it me?

    This is systemic failure.

    Stu - you need to be reassured that the rest of the TA is not like this. All the units in my regional brigade have dedicated recruit reception and training teams who would ensure that you have a well structured training programme and plan for Phase 1 a and b.

    Either change units or talk to the RTC.
  13. When i joined my platoon had just moved to the area (2001 btw) and i was the only recruit to join through the usual process 6 weekends and cic we had 2 ex regs who were fastracked and that was it. Unsuprisingly after 2 years they moved the location 30 miles away due to poor recruiting and i had to transfer which was the beginning of the end for me
  14. We tend to try and get the recruits in asap, as it gives them an idea of what we do, how we do it, and the social side of things after training that builds a closer unit.
  15. We have 13 recruits at he moment!