your "symbol of faith"?

We have a very good thread running on recent films watched and I didn’t want to go off topic there, hence starting this one.

I was curious as to who/what would lead you to watching a film?

In my case, there are a few actors whose name catches my attention, along with a couple of directors and even a couple of finance houses who rarely put out a turkey.

Actor wise, Jean Reno & Vincent Kassel have never let me down, Ewan McGregor is fairly safe money as is Samuel L Jackson. If you take the “Pirates” franchise out of the equation, Johnny Depp is a banker. Early De Niro is generally good stuff

Directors, David Cronenberg is a fave, as it Ridley Scott and the Cohen’s. Tim Burton’s stuff I like, Tarantino, Rodriguez and Snyder will generally hit the right spot for me. Classic stuff, I like Milos Forman as well.
Bit odd, but I tend to find that if a film is financed by either Film4 or Canal+ it is usually watchable.

I’m sure I have missed loads (not even mentioned Scorsese or Del Toro, for instance) but to get the ball rolling, who or what will always catch your attention?
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