Your support needed for this campaign !

It's a pity the cnut hasn't got a following in Outer-Mongolia :roll:
He is able to put things in context in a way that Mr Bush can't.
So he's a better liar that Dubya, then?
This is quite interesting

"Mr Bursch's website has a petition signed by around 600 people urging Mr Blair to seek the presidency. "
Way to go bliar 600 out of a American population of around 291,635,150 (and falling if the Iraqi’s have launched any more attacks), and the world population set at around 6,308,198,111, so of all the people able to vote by e-mail he has had 600 votes, does put it all in context don’t it.


US constitution says you must have been born there to be Prez. Which is why such luminaries as Henry Kissinger and Arnold Schwartzeneger are barred. He could become something else-perhaps governor of California-30 billion in the red and run by PC lunatics, huge drug and crime problem-he should be right at home

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