Your Statue in Whitehall?

I saw a youngster of about 18 today stood motionless while fcuking about with his mobile in that familiar docile sending text stoop.

So I wondered, imagine it's 2010, Field Marshall Earl Haig's statue has either been nicked by Souse Pikeys and cut up for scrap or the Govt. wanting to eradicate our proud history has decided that it is offending Muslims so has been taken down.

In it's place they are to erect a bronze statue of YOU. Yes you, your a fcuking hero! So, what grand heroic pose will you be created in and what will the inscription be on your plinth to remind grateful generations to come?
Hanging out the back of a just larger than size 16, underage drunken slag, off her face on very illegal substances. At the same time I'm throwing up into a turban, and shooting a toddler. All of this is astride a 3 legged, blind and abused horse proudly shitting all over a bible reading rabbi.

Now then, if that's the replacement, do you think we should think twice about removing the good Field Marshall?
Fist in air, head down and a f*ckoff big "i'm a dirty non-army cnut, how do you like my statue?" plinth.


nah, i'd give it to someone who's been in.
Right shoulder leaning against a post, right leg crossed over left, left boot in contact with the ground via toe cap only. Left hand in left trouser pocket, Aladdin insulated mug in right hand, cheeky grin on my face. PLCE webbing at my feet (tidily arranged) L85A2 lying flat on top with GSmk6A. Wearing CS95 and DPM Parka. No headress (cos i'm casual see). It's not always about being "Ally" sometimes it's about those little morale moments in between. :wink:
Two squaddies holding a map, with an officer in the foreground, with a camera, telling them to point meaningfully in any direction.
I still can't have my photograph taken without pointing at something.
Edited twice co s it's late
me getting sucked off by myleene klass...............fuck it if i am a hero me doing her up her ricker. :evil:
They could put a statue of my Grandad there as he was when Earl haigh had finished launching him uphill, out of flooded outflanked and overlooked trenches, through mustard gas, at hopelessly well prepared, dry concrete (Portland Blue Circle!) German defences. He looked like a skeleton and would have struggled to lift a mobile phone. He refused ever to buy or wear a poppy, they had Haigh's name written on them back then.

A statue of General herbert Plumer would make more sense, he was a soldiers General and not a courtly sociopathic French arse kissing tw'at.

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