Your Reg Plate Ain't Yours!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ALVIN, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Did you know that the registration number on your vehicle .... ISN'T YOURS !

    And the DVLA retains the right to withdraw it at any time as they effectively own all reg numbers. All you buy is the right to attach it to your car, so it's more of a licensing agreement than a sales of goods.

    Perhaps some of you ought to read the small print a bit closer !
  2. Why should I give a toss? Unless I'm vain and stupid enough to own a personalised plate its just a meaningless jumble of letters and numbers with a little EU flag on it.
  3. Yup, not a flicker

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  4. Would you still say that if DVLA tip up at yours C/W screwdrivers ?

    Presuming that you own a motor of course!
  5. You mean a couple of grand for a daft collection of numbers and letters that spell your name if you just ignore a letter or number is a daft way of spending your wonga?

    And makes you look like a prat.
  6. Technically the Queen still can requisition any land in the UK that takes her fancy, but I'm not shitting bricks about getting repossessed by an OAP.

    Get a life.
  7. Is that fecking likely? Are you a bit tired and emotional tonight?

    Its a statutory requirement for me to have a VRN. So if DVLA rock up to prise off the VRN I'll be expecting them to be supplying another and sorting out the docs. I've never heard of DVLA doing such a thing...
  8. Nice Answer.

    Where can i get one of these "Give-A-Fuck-O-meters" from ?? L.O.L
  9. The first time she pulled such a stunt off her own bat I suspect that the next bill through parliament would be the dissolution of the monarchy. So there's probably a good reason for her not to.

    Likewise, I think that DVLA have better things to do than have roving teams of VRN repossessors...
  10. Hmm, regimental number, NI number, home/mobile telephone number, house number probably.
  11. Not as much as a little silver mascot of something 'countryish' glued to your bonnet.
  12. Naturally they would be expected to give prior notice, cause no damage to the car and provide a replacement registration, as that seems to be the contract, so I wouldn't give an airborne fornication.

    Not that it has ever been done or likely to be done.

    Incidentally, do read the full extent of the software licenses that you use to post this drivel?
  13. yes I did But did you know the queen is legally allowed to punch any horse that beats one of hers in a horse race
  14. Same with your passport, and it is equally unlikely that it would ever be withdrawn.