Your Recommendations.

I would like to get into gaming but i have literally no idea which is the best way to go about it.

I would like to try flying shoot 'em up games be it modern or WW11 games using a joystick and can you use one with a console?

Is it best to go with a xbox or Playstation as my PC would not be up to it.

Which way would be the best way to start for a total beginner?


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If you want flight sims and can't go the PC route, there are about three games on the market (names escape me at present) that are compatible with a USB joystick/ throttle combo on PS3. Thing is, that's about all you'd have after spending £400.

Take a look at other games that take your fancy. If you think you could get into console gaming, PS3 may well be the choice for you (I'm pitching Sony here only because I don't believe XBox has the joystick USB functionality - happy to be corrected). If not, a decent PC can be had for an extra couple of hundred quid and you get access to a different (bigger, in my opinion) range of games.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're a squaddie over the age of 30. If so you may find strategy games to be enjoyable. In that case, consoles are no use to you.

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PC for my taste,,,,,,I go for games such as the Penumbra Collection,but the best one is Amnesia: The Dark Descent,,,Warning not for wimps.....

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