Your questions to Moazzam Begg

Might I draw your attention to this announcement on the BBC website? You might wish to ask him a question.

"Former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg will be a guest on World Service radio today. What would you like to ask him?

The 37-year-old from Birmingham was arrested in February 2002 and held at the Bagram air base in Afghanistan before being sent to the US naval base in Cuba in early 2003.

Mr Begg has admitted going to two training camps in Afghanistan, but said he never took up arms against Britain. He claims he was tortured by the CIA while he was held in Afghanistan, but was not mistreated in Cuba. "

Moazzam might be a bit disappointed to see that the questions seem to be focussing a bit more on his actions than on those of the US.
Trouble will be that the questions will be hand-picked and gloss over the major issues, i.e. he is a complete t*sser, who did he want to kill, and why he keeps moaning.
Theres a C4 documentary this week "The Road to Guantanamo" Public funds were used towards its finance and our terrorist guests have been allowed to give their side of the story bless their little hearts. It makes you proud that we give such public support to traitors and murdering scum isn't it?
Why are these vermin not being prosecuted instead of being feted by the metropolitan set?
The weekend before last's Guardian Magazine devoted several pages to this clown - and even the Guardian - and it's readers in their letters the following weekend - were hard pressed to find "good things" to say about him. At best, he is a misguided, feckless and cerebrally-challeged loser looking for a cause, any cause (was turned down by the Army for Gawd's sake - for being a PORG at 5 foot in height) to harness himself to. Ask him how he managed to reconcile his "curiosity" about the prosecution of Jihad to the wife and increasing brood of children he kept on abandoning. Ask him what the fellow Jihadis thought about his inability to actually "do" the combat thing. Ask him how much he and his family receive in benefits from the evil empire. Actually, don't, the Beeb will block you out. Take some sort of consolation in denying this cretin a little of the publicity he (and his more astute managers) so clearly desire.
Moazzam might be a little bit disappointed...
People maimed and relatives of people killed by those who attended "training camps" might be rather disappointed in Mr. Begg for attending these camps, although conveniently he says he didn't actually train. He does, however, admit to financing "foreign fighters", but that must be alright, so long as he didn't actually take up arms. :roll: I can't get overly excited about his allegations when people he has chosen to identify with, associate with and finance carry out regular atrocities.
This will no doubt turn into another example of politically loaded BBC coverage. Instead of giving a balanced perspective covering all angles, the questions will be picked to allow him not to trip himself up with his own twisted logic. Needless to say 99% of the public will continue to see him as an evil minded individual and they will also remain flabberghasted that we finance people like this through our benefits system! :evil:
As he attended but did not train, can we suppose he was employed in the male brothel so those awaiting a large number of virgins could get their act together?
I'm surprised the New of the World has not leapt to his defence and paid him many thousands to sell his story of the wretched treatment he gets, having to collect infidel benefits, before he breaks with muslim tradition, goes for a beer and starts letching at the cream of british womanhood. Perhaps his testicles should be in diffeent time zones.
That's because Channel 4 got to him first!

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Channel 4 ( UK )paid Moazzam Begg an undisclosed sum to attend an interview to discuss his imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay which was aired at 7pm on 24th February 2004. Begg, one of nine British men who were held at the military camp in Cuba, was released on 25th January 2005 along with Feroz Abbasi, Martin Mubanga and Richard Belmar. Five others were released in March.

Moazzam Begg from Sparkbrook has admitted that he did attend training camps in Afghanistan in 2001 in order to teach as a charity worker at a school. However, this was not the first time that Begg had travelled abroad to war torn hot spots. He has openly admitted to supporting the Chechnyan rebels which might raise some eyebrows and memories of Beslan.

Sadly, as some of you predicted, the interview did not reflect fully the questions put to him.

I don't believe that the BBC has acted honestly here. Where are the questions about his reasons for being in those camps? Or about the issue of citizenship?

Fair play to Mr Begg, he offered to answer the questions, but I feel badly let down by the BBC. :(
This is a quote from the BBC website of one of the comments sent in to the program:

What muslims need is fairness and justice. These blind-folded Westerners don't see what the evil-handedness of their leaders.
Bishar has a point. :twisted: Obviously us poor souls in the West have no concept of what is going on with our leaders. Our leaders who do not support state backed terrorism (, Iran), who are democratically elected (no matter how much we dislike them), who provide fairness through equal opportunities, who provide justice in a system that has escaped the dark ages, where women are not stoned for adultery. I could go on for ages but I can't be arrsed.

Just making an assumption - would Bishar be living on the benefits system that the evil-handedness of the west has provided. If he isn't then I'm sure there are plenty who are.

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