Your question to Mr Gordon Brown.

Welcome to fantasy question time.
If he could hear your question,what would it be?
(Please try and keep this to a "grown up" level,and avoid personal comments)

This would be mine.

"Treasury statistics show that the UK's net contribution to the EU will increase from £4.1 billion this year to £6.4 billion in 2010/11."

Why? What happened to Mr Blairs comment that we would never bargain away our EU rebate.
Well here are a few posed by the Daily Telegraph that would do for a start:

Saif Gaddafi said Megrahi's case was "on the table" when commercial, oil and gas agreements were discussed. Was this true, and if so, which agreements?

Why did Colonel Gaddafi thank the British government for Megrahi's release despite insistence by Westminster that there was a 'strategy of silence' between London and Edinburgh?

Why has Gordon Brown, alone among international leaders whose countries are directly affected by al-Megrahi's release, remained silent on the matter?

Does Jack Straw, Britain's Justice Secretary, agree with the decision of Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, and the arrangements for al-Megrahi's release?

Was Lord Mandelson invited to Saif Gaddafi's birthday party in Montenegro attended by marina investors including Oleg Deripaska?

Did Lord Mandelson encourage Megrahi's release after his meetings with Saif Gaddafi?

Did the Duke of York encourage Megrahi's release, as Colonel Gaddafi has suggested?

Why did Megrahi drop his appeal against conviction even though it was not a legal precondition for his release on ground of compassion under Scots law?

Did the Scottish justice department fear the appeal, based on six separate grounds identified by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, would reveal embarrassing information about the handling of the trial?

Does Megrahi really have evidence of his innocence and, if so, who are the real bombers?
Why are you such a c*nt

I know you said keep it to an adult level, but cmon everyone wants to ask him that.
Why is it that you think, contrary to ALL the evidence, that you are suited to being Prime Minister?


Book Reviewer
How do you expect this nation to repay the National Debt that has risen to truly scary levels?

How are the Labour Government "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime"?

Why were you more concerned that a late middle aged, newly discovered singer was exhausted, than the fact that hundreds of British troops have been killed, and thousands wounded (both mentally and physically) in wars that your Government led us into?


When are you going to kill yourself after first topping your predecessor, his missus and the kids (including the secret one that they dont tell you about).
How do you sleep at night?

Can you look yourself in the eye in the mirror?

Do you realise the country is going to hell in a handcart?

Why are you so out of touch?

Don't you think you have too many "Yes Men" on your staff?
Try closing your good eye and you might do better.
Do you acknowledge that duriing your time as Chancellor that the seeds of the econmic recession, were not own sown by you, but compounded by your lack of understanding of modern financial markets and economic principles?

Serious enough?

Then I'd follow up with "and why are you such a waste of space as Prime Minister?"

If we'd got through these two with him still in one piece...

"And would you care to step outside Prime Minister?"
Why don't you just f*cking die?
How come you were very quick to comment on Susan Boyle but haven't raised your head above the parapet to comment on Megrahi?

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