Your proudest moment?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Thinking about this last night. What's yours?

    (Bullcrap sexual adventures do not count!)
  2. The birth of my son back in 2005
  3. This is going to sound a bit wet, but when my daughter told that I was her hero last Saturday she is only 6. The restaurant needs cleaning as it was awfully dusty.
  4. Deleted, just noticed which forum it's in.
    Sorry all.
  5. Colour Party for the Queens Birthday Parade in 2001. Even though it pisssed it down with rain!!!
  6. I have two.

    Marrying my wife.

  7. The day that I took my 5 year old brother to infant school 1968, his first day. My proudest moment was when he walked into the playground the school is now a public library.

    A year later I joined up.

    Many a proud moment since then, but nothing has or ever will, surpass that 'moment' for me.
  8. Standing on the steps of Old College for 'photo with Young Rat on Old College Sunday.
  9. My proudest military moments

    Nominating one of my NCOs for a well deserved MBE and seeing it awarded.

    My wings parade at Weston-on-the Green
  10. Marrying my wife.

    Beats even commission in FDF...but is bit more rough time to time... 8)
  11. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Rocking up at my Mum's wearing my new rank slide
    The birth of my three girls
    Getting pulled by The Scarey One
  12. Working in Shanghai, delivering a speech at a conference and having an attractive young lady asking for my autograph.
    Still haven't got over it 5 years later.
  13. Marching on to the parade square for my Passing Out Parade, 18th December 1987.

    Hearing my dad brag to his mates that his daughter was in the Army (after he'd spent the best part of a year trying to talk me out of joining up).

    Watching my daughter get up to play the violin in front of the whole school and parents, bursting out crying and leaving the stage only to get herself back together, go back on and play note perfect, her first recital.
  14. Every time I give something to charity.........seriously.
  15. The birth of the twins.

    The moment the Jade Dream said 'Yes'.

    Her dad smiling at me for the first time (this was about a year later!)

    Passing off the square at Depot.

    Passing out of Depot.

    Leading my very first Section Attack on my Advanced Soldier Cadre (as was then) and the RSM nodding at me "That'll do."

    A whole host of things too little to mention that let me look my reflection in the eye and say, "You've done alright today".