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This forum is here to allow you to ask questions, seek advice and interact with others going through the recruitment process, but there are some points you must consider.

1. Most recruits will be of an age where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media will form a large part of how you interact with each other. This has lots of advantages, but the disadvantage is that your whole life is out there for all to see.

2. Recruiters and recruit training staff use this forum. If you give your ID away, everything you post can be linked back to you. We have had people post about how incompetent their recruiter is, how they will "bang out" any member of staff who "disrespec" them, how little/how much training they have been doing etc. Do you really want to turn up to training with all of that known to the staff who will train you?

3. Not everybody thinks that being in the army is the best thing in the world. For some, it is reason to try and cause you harm. If not you, perhaps your family.

So what?

1. Don't use your name as your login ID. Also, don't use a log in that can be tracked back to you such as JohnS1996. There won't be too many John Smiths born in 1996 aiming for Sandhurst to join a particular regiment, especially when you confirm where you are from by telling everyone which briefing or board you went to.

2. Don't post travel details such as times of flights/trains etc.

3. Consider your security settings on social media. Share with those you know, not the whole world. If you must set up a Facebook or Instagram group to give each other a social media cuddle, think about the security setting for that too. Do not post your social media ID on the open boards.

You will get more detail on this during your training but until then, please think before you post.
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