Your pay day quirks and rituals.

Well it is pay day for the wife, and thus myself. So when this magical day arrives I always find myself at the petrol station topping off whatever vehicle I am driving. Then ordering groceries to pick up on the weekend like clockwork. Pretty bland but necessary, and definitely a change from the days of long ago.

So do you muckers do every pay day without fail?
I take Brothern Lad's wife to Weatherspoons. She's insatiable after 3 pints.
When Payday falls on POETS day, it's almost inviting yourself to have a pint and it would be rude not to
As I am retired I don't have a pay day, just 4 different pensions coming in per month.
Also since joining the Army in 1974 I have always built up a surplus so if I want something I buy it (within reason of course).
I have always thought it strange that 'mercans are paid every two weeks, whereas the rest of the civilised world are paid monthly. Why is that?
Speaking of Pussar's. I did not know they made a Gunpowder proof. Thanks to Cask Cartel I have a bottle of that on the way as well as a bottle of Iwai Mars!

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