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Time, Gentlemen?

It has been nice at Arrse, but I see that like old soldiers everywhere, the Jargonites are fading away.

I wonder if it is time for a new BB. I defer to those with actual techie knowledge, but with out the bells and whistles, we should be able to use an EZ Board for $15 a month.

Rocketteer? Corp? Weatherman1956? Gunny?

Anyone interested?
Hmmm, I'll donate some cash, but in all honesty, ARRSE has been pretty damn good to the likes of us.

I've thought about converting one of my computers at home into a board, but I don't have the time to manage it. Once I leave my day job, I don't touch a keyboard while I'm away from work.

I think most of us have come to the realization that once the original GIJARGON went down and was reborn, only to die again, that it ain't very likely to happen a third time. Unless I can talk Joel into starting the original site back up. I'll give it a try and let everyone know the results back here.

Semper FI
The Gunny


Kit Reviewer
Glad you like it here Gunny, Jargon was a good place for us when the Brazillian ladyboys hacked into the site once before.

It's great to have the Jargonites here, though I think some of you feel a little reticent about posting all over the place. Go for it, at least we know youse and you're always welcome on site.

Feel free to leap into the NAAFI at any time for some good old fashioned abuse too ! :lol:
Yeah, that's the one thing this site is known for.....Most of us figured out long ago, that if one isn't getting abused in here, it simply means your getting ignored. You folks only abuse the ones you actually like.

I think that in the long run, the crew from jargon will settle in here like fleas on an old dog. we'll be in yer hair, in yer carpets, in your counch, in yer ass.... (a few of us will be in the bar)
Whilst I am aware that an effort is afoot to establish a JargonIII, one has to feel that its time has somehow passed..

Jargon I, back in the antedeluvian days, was like a cabin in the woods.. One could sit down on the back porch and look at old family photos, shoot the sh!t and knock back more than a little home brew.. sadly, the feed store turned over a bad batch of grain and some of the site visitors developed alcohol psychosis and the revenuers had to shut down the still..

Jargon II was far more sophisicated, philosphically and technologically, and allowed us a much nicer accomodation for banter and insult.. the resulting higher profile attracted the attention of the disgruntled insurrectionist elements and we lost a ship to torpedoes..

both time ARRSE has pulled us from the water and offered us warm blankets and [ relatively ] cold beer.. While the jet lag still takes a bit of getting used to and the lexicon has to be consulted more than once in a day, the locals are tolerant of our idiosyncracies and more or less friendly..

We have our own spot at the bar and a room to ourselves..I'm getting too old to keep packing up the old trophies and clippings...It would be nice to have our own shop, but, this place is starting to grow on me [ fungus like mostly but at least its a benign growth ]..

I'm saddened that a number of the old guard haven't come on board or have dropped by the wayside, but, I'm hopeful that we'll find them again..

Geekboy has dibs on Jargon, now, and each day that goes by without him getting the saddle on tends to make me think that the beast just needs to be let out to pasture...

We'll see...for now, I'm satisfied to wait for a turnkey operation rather than have to pick up a hammer and nail up some drywall..

Barmaid.. another glass of Bitter!.. where's the bowl of hedgehog crisps?...
Helen I had a similar thought a while back and investigated EZ Boards...they have their own set of problems and it would just be a small cliche of people with little room for growth...mightas well start email threads they are cheaper and can be just as fun, if not more fun.

Arrse has been and is good to us; MNHQ offers us to post serious matters if we like, with little abuse from the natives. The bar is always open, counter to existing Brit laws, and has some rather funny and fun banter.

The let down I felt from the JargonII and the attack by the site operators against my person have left a bitter taste in my short I am more then reluctant to set foot on a board titled GIJargon.

Noble thought on your part but I may have to pass. Stay in touch...
I tend to agree with Rocketeer that Jargon's time has come and gone.

As much as I would like to see an American based website again, ARRSE has been very good to us without all the drama. Like the Gunny, I've looked into starting a site, but my biggest constraint is time to run it. As Jargon I proved, an absentee landlord is no good.

As Jargon II proved, it takes the right kind of temperament to run a site. This is one of the biggest strengths of ARRSE, IMHO. While far from absentee, the CO's show a light touch and great judgement in steering the site. Cheers guys!

I can understand ctauch's reluctance to jump on board a new version of Jargon. Should it happen, I would support it in any way I could, financially and with any time I could spare, but it would be with a wary eye.
:) I had a great time on Jargon I; Jargon II, not so much because of management's outlook and style. I haven't posted very much here on Arrse simply because, although I check in daily, I seldom see many new posts by Jargonites. If, as Gunny mentioned, the management of Jargon I could get another site going, I'd be all for it -- just as Corporal said.

I'm wit youse

I'll toss my cover in the loop with y'all.

GIJARGON may oneday arise from the asses / 'ARRSES?
untill then our open ended 'depolyment' to this tiny foreign outpost here is
almost tolerable...if sometimes 'anti' septic.

Too often when the ole ARRSE gets 'dirty' does seem more a 'litterbox' we're visiting...Real 'True Grit' 'Brit' flavour

( know I'd rope in your corral anytime :)~

I kind of hesitate to flag this one up, but it's on topic and I'm surprised that no-one has brought it up yet, so...

Has anyone checked out the site that's causing a bit of a stir at THIS is a link to MilitarySpot's 'Open Discussions' forum, which is analogous to 'P/CP'. It's hosted by Infopoop, same as, but without all the errors, apparently becaue it doesn't have the same amount of traffic (yet). If anyone really misses having a US-based board, or has time for two boards, it's worth a look.

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