Your opinions on trades!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by bb_silverback, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. I have been looking into joining and would go for the Engineers if I take the plunge...

    Just looking for people opinions on which trade though.

    My first thought was Surveyor as you get good civvy quals and all that but the more I looked into it it seems you are likely to end up stuck in an office ?!?!

    I would also enjoy plumbing and sparky and it looks like you can do all the combat engineering with those too.

    Another question: how much stick would I get joining at 22 with a degree :oops:
  2. That would depend on the degree.....come with one in zoology and you'd last 10 mins!!!!! If you've got a proper degree (why are you worrying about "good civvy quals" you've got them) then aim high, Clerk of Works/MPFs get HNDs so you're already one step ahead of the game
  3. read other threads regarding joining up OR which is the best trade.
    sparky is by the way :D :D :D :D
  4. Hear hear mate, you and i know that it is the best trade in the Corps.

  5. :? :eek: :? :eek: :? :eek: :?
  6. if it were me starting over again I would go for Armoured/Airborne Engineer and enjoy my time as a ranker while I was still fit and able. I would worry about career changes after getting a couple of tapes up then probably try for Clerk of Works or something similar.

    I think too much thought is put into worrying what civvy trade will I get out of time spent in the army.
  7. 1. How long do you intend to stay in for?

    2. Do you mind getting grotty? If you do stay with the desk job, If you don't then the world is your oyster.

    As for a trade it would be up to your tempramant. Do you like cars\mechanics? Then either Fitter or Plant Op. Working with your hands Chippy, plumber or Sparky. Getting bored stupid, P&D or what ever it is called these days, or Bricky.

    All lead to CoW or MPF.

    Then you've got the other decisions about being Armoured, Knocker, Cdo or Para etc. Oh decisions decisions. :?

    At 22 with a degree you should be able to hold your own. But if it is a mong degree and the lads get to hear about it expect incoming for a long time. :lol:
  8. I have an Engineering degree. (mechanical systems - a little bit of everything in there)

    I dont mind getting dirty.

    I have a desk job now and I hate sitting behind a desk 9-5 everyday.

    I dunno how long I would stay in, that would depend if I was enjoying my time. At least I know what work is like in civvy street so could compare it to something.

    Any particular reason why spark is best - or is it your chosen trade ;)
  9. Whilst not trying to knock the infantry too much why the hell would you join the infantry to run and firing a rifle, not being encouraged to think for yourself etc when you have a degree in mechanical engineering?

    BB_Silverback I would recommend that you chose a mechanical trade such as fitter, fitter HVAC, POM, plumber, welder or draughtman E and M.
    Look at this site
    If Clerk of Works sounds like something you would like to do next time you go down the AFCO say you want to register as a potential Clerk of Works (M) and make sure it stays on your record. If you decide to C of W (M) you will be fast tracked, you will get a golden handshake on successful completion of the course and go onto Level 3 higher band at Staff Sergeant. I know Clerk of Works do have a bit of a bad rep because it's a high profile job and they get the blame for any small mistake (never mind the amount people who have checked the designs or the people who put together the works program and not thought "mmm, that doesn't look quite right, I'll look into that") but it is a good career move with a mixture of office and site work.
  10. I wouldn't say Sparkying is the best trade as I was Fitter RE myself (only did one workshop tour, 18 months). Although that did help me being an Armoured Engineer.

    All trades offer you something once you are back in civvy street. I, however, have not been employed in any work that remotely comes close to my military quals, (Armd Engr 1, Cbt Engr 1, Ftr RE 1, Dvr RE 3) As I am an IT Support Engineer. What I did get from being in the RE's was a sense of doing the job right first time to a high standard. Also the ability to get it done on the fly if needed. All traits of a sapper.

  11. BECAUSE IT IS, OK :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    most tradesmen/doris will tell you that there trade is the best. i enjoy being a sparks & it is a handy trade to have once out, simple really :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  12. But surely all the trades (less signaller and amoured) are handy to have when you get out! All will help you get a job and the majority can be put to good use whilst on leave to earn a bit of extra dosh and when you get a house you can do some stuff yourself. As much as I hate to say 3 of the best trades (not including my own which is the best) are plumber, sparky and building and structural finisher (painter and plasterer) because of the amount of money you have save if something goes wrong in your own home.
  13. that is where i was going with the handy angle as well as being a bonus when you go for a job, just done my own house durin a week off, result.
  14. Would have to agree with you there mate!!
  15. get in get any trade do 6 years get out emigrate to oz and make a packet as there are no brickies sparkies chicpies plumbers plasterers painters mecanicks anything practial and you will be welcomed with open arms and asked to make a killing as there is such a shortage of skilled artisans