Your opinion of homos in the Forces..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by zubrzycki, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. They are an aboniation

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  2. I am fine with them as long as they dont come anywhere near me, express any form of homosexuality or

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  3. I am not gay, but i love putting other mens junk in me gob. anyone who doesnt is a HAT!!!

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  4. couldnt care less

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  1. After going through a couple of recent threads; "This you gotta see.." and "The gayest insult ever posted on arrse" to name but a few, i am wondering just how you REALLY feel about the gays. P.S. no holds barred so letta rip.
  2. you come out first then.

  3. Freudian slip perhaps? :D
  5. As long as its between consenting adults I couldn't care less who shags who to be honest.
    I take great exception to Gay Pride etc, I don't see why we should all be obliged to celebrate and applaud other peoples sexuality.
    Sexuality should be a non issue.
  6. Couldn't give a fcuk about:

    Sexual preferences
    Anything else you can think up.

    If the bloke/bird can do the job and doesn't try to convert other people/me then that's OK

    If someone wants to be overtly and obviously different then they are fair game
  7. I know of a few who are gay (and before you rip into the RN, they are mostly Army!) and they keep schtum about it and don't go bleating on to everyone that they are. In that situation, I don't see the problem.

    I do have a problem with the Dale Wintonites though and the fact that military uniform is allowed to be worn at gay pride events.

    I've got a couple of civvie mates from school who are gay and whilst one of them is as camp as a row of pink tents on a 3 Para Mortar Platoon exercise( :D ), they are harmless and don't go on about it constantly.

    There does seem to be a disturbingly high amount of rug-munchers in all 3 services though. (Anyone at Chicksands in 2002 will remember the infamous fisting incident that took place,err, I should really shut up now.....)

    As long as they're able to do their jobs efficiently, I couldn't give a monkeys.

    However, as it is a thread in the Naafi and therefore non-sensible answers are required.....

  8. that's about right.

    we had a clerk that was gay back in the 80's & no-one gave a feck about it.
  9. I think you should just suck it up.
  10. Details man details!
  11. Hardly a great fucking revelation there... Most of them are...
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Our old Milan platoon had a bit of a reputation - and I think they got theirs before 3 Para Mortar Platoon got theirs. They had a fondness for broom handles by all accounts.
  14. only if you splash it around before you swallow it ;)
  15. I'm gay and so is my wife 8O

    Makes for some great party's :wink: