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Officer’s sick insult to blast victim | The Sun |News|Campaigns|Our Boys

As I'm overseas not sure how recent this is but I always check the Forces part on the daily scum....Haven't come across this on ARRSE already........Apoligies in advance if it's already been covered.

But the usual Army way of dealing with things have prevailed and you've guessed it....Tom who has no legs and only 1 arm has been kicked of his camp at Brize and has to make a 180 odd mile trip to his home at weekends, whilst the Army invistigate his claims of bullying and harassment from an Orifcer.

There is no mention of the Orifcer's rank or unit....which is a shame I'm sure someone would have put him straight re his comments eventually.
3 threads and all been locked because wot Jarrod said like.
It's part of an ongoing investigation so it's unfair to comment further.
Its also unfair to take the Suns version of events seriously.
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