Your not from round these parts are ya boy....

Discussion in 'ACF' started by the-nods-revenge, May 4, 2007.

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  1. I am new to the ACF and army thing having just been boarded ,I have been posted to decent enough unit with lots of potential my new OC is ex para,Can anyone give an ex commando advice on entry to the ACF :?
  2. I have PM you
  3. No Naked Bars or Puke-Drinking at parade nights mate, the ACF don't seem to like those sorts of antics!

    Otherwise, you'll be fine!
  4. save naked bar and puke drinking for the adult weekends/mess nights......

    Cock tache is also a favourite I believe along with butt crack beer..............
  5. The woods are full of them mate watch out!
    I must say in addition to the Naked bar thing they dont like you snorting vodka from a spoon
  6. Whats wrong with that?
  7. Avoid the Pimp and his swinger mates and you'll be fine. Don't forget how to surrender, it's all good training.
  8. thats rich coming from the biggest swinger in the jungle

    carry on sgt major......................

  9. Maybe the new boy needs to avoid us both Pimp. They'll be easy on him, but it won't be half as much fun.
  10. Why did you not join a SCC MCD? They are screaming out for Royal's...

    Anyway, I served in the ACF as a Det Commander having passed 'da course' in the RMR. The Dagger was allowed and the kids loved it. We became 'Baby Cdo Gunners'. County HQ rode with the spin and eventually we had 29 Cdo pay us a visit or two and I'm proud to say, a couple of lads go RM or Army Cdo. The local RM Careers NCO also became a frequent visitor. I banned heavy drill and everything was referred to in nautical terms. Last but not least, my former RMR colleagues put on a couple of 'Raiding' weekends. That got HQ sweating over AGAI 18 :D

    As to naked bars etc, wouldn't go down too well these days!!!!