Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Porridge_gun, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Leave it alone

  2. Continue to move bone threads and posts into Arrsehole

  3. A complete change round of Mods

  4. Some toffees and a glass of fizzy vimto

  5. None of the above Ill post a suggestion below

  1. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Chaps & trouts....

    As per the thrice annual NAAFI whingefest I thought I'd start a poll to see what you want from the NAAFI and its Mods...

    All suggestions welcome, even if just to be mocked and ignored :D

    I posted this a while ago but it seems it may need updating.

    We can only change it if we know what you want, not the inane dribblings of one man and his three pints of Strongbow
  2. Continue to move bone threads but please for the love of god stop merging threads.
  3. PG, as I said to you in PM when one of my threads was merged (not by you) I don't have a problem with Mods deciding what stays in and what gets binned to the ARRSEHole, but the merging of threads seems somewhat odd at times - e.g. my thread about Bono being moved to the links and games thread! That merely resulted in a secondary thread being started!

    I agree with what's been said on the 'merging threads' thread about existing threads becoming very difficult to follow when they're intermingled with others. What would the impact be on the servers if there were sub-folders (as has been suggested) and does it save anything (aside moderators' sanity) when threads are merged rather than left alone?
  4. DB the impact would be zero, at the end of the day the bits would all add up to the same disk space being used up, the result however would be easier to follow threads that had not been merged. Everyones a winner.
  5. The problem is the site is full of retarded civpop who have no clue about how the site works so they tend to post the first thing that enters thier tiny little heads. That in turn clogs up the smooth running of the site with utter inane drivvle that we see today.

    The simple solution to prevent uber threads and posts being moved would be to stop, think and only post stuff that anyone over four years old may want to read.
  6. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    So you'd rather see the NAAFI etiquette thread enforcing more ruthlessly?

  7. Confused me a bit there mate. Do you mean the NAAFI being serviced in a more robust manner?

    Yes. The arrsehole was set up to move dross into, the 'stickies' for the relevant posts as has been highlighted and the main bar used for the day to day niff naff and trivia that doesnt fit into the rest of the sensible forums on the site. The Mods are the chaps who decide where each bit should go if the hard of thinking post in the wrong area.

    Due to the massive flow of shite on the site now, it makes it an up hill battle, especially in the NAAFI.

    What would I recommend? Delete/move shite that doesnt fit the bill. Mods call. People will get upset but feck em. It's not as if they pay for bandwidth or it's going to stop the Earth rotating.
  8. Get stupid camp following student shite into the arrsehole. And apart from the small matter of giving Canteen Cowboy a Columbian Necktie, leave the rest.
  9. you dont like him do you, i can tell .........
  10. Im with Flash on this, I don't think theres really a problem to be honest. As long as shite is deleted or arrseholed then its OK by me. And you're always going to get retards like Miss Chubb appearing and posting on a site this large, its the nature of the beast.
  11. oh he will be wanking himself silly that i have "bit"

    just come and see me anytime you want.

    for someone who has been sulking with me because you had a post put in the hoop. then you get your "colleagues" to back you up, but then you stab them in the back, when they want support,things dont change with you between real life and internet.

    maybe thats why you rarely got a posting within Corp regts. even they keep you far away :twisted:
  12. What the fcuk are you talking about you deluded cnut? I haven't been sulking with you, I just frankly don't think you are up to the job. You deleted several of my threads without even the courtesy to PM, you then did not reply to my PM when I tried to take it private. It is not the first time that I, and others have had issues with you. No one else. I fight my own battles and have no idea what the idiotic "colleague" shite was about. As for my posting history, you obviously know who I am, I don't have the reciprocal "privelige", but let me assure you that I got every single posting that I asked one. But I'd be interested to hear what your pathetic point is. If you've got time, despite knocking one out every 5 mins because being an ARRSE mod seems to give you a permanent hard on, you big timing cnut.

  13. you are the one bigtiming it i am suggesting you come and see me whenever you want to do the columbian necktie job on me yourself. oh and you take it for granted it was me that deleted your threads? 4 mods and i am the only one am i? did you ask any of the others?
    and thats why i am not up to the job? because i did not pm you? and you call me pathetic? it is a website ffs and the best you can do is plaster nasty horrible remarks about it. and threats , well here is your chance, an open invitation to carry oput your threat.
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I have commented many times on the moderation stance but at all times support the reasons for and, generally, the methods used to keep the forum on track.

    Where I feel the moderation policy is weak is that the MODs never, or very rarely change. By the very nature of their duties they are required to read all or most of the posts. In doing so they quickly become immunised to a lot of the humour. If it has been said previously (might have been 2 or 3 years previously) then it is stamped on, even if it is funny again. A re-run of some subjects is good and healthy for the site. A case in question is if anyone mentions anything about egg banjos, they are immediately scolded by Canteen Cowboy - even if what they have said has been hilarious.

    My solution:

    MODs, and especially those in the popular/contovertial forums, should be rotated from a wider pool of MODs. No MOD should do a tour of more than 9 months in the NAAFI forum for instance. This would allow MODs to back off and re-charge their batteries and allow fresh MODs to come in with a different POV. If there are 4 MODs in NAAFI then 1 change every 3 months would ensure fresh blood constantly coming on.

    This does not mean that MODs will never be allowed back, but could:

    a. leave the bat cave forever (poor solution and loss of talent)
    b. move to a quieter forum (keeps talent and experience in the bat cave)
    c. come back to NAAFI after a break of no less than 9 months (i.e. 9 on
    9 off)
    d. combination of b & c above.

    My thoughts only - but I would love to hear other views and will look for them tonight when I get back from work.

  15. Perhaps we could have that system for members as well then? People not posting for months at a time and withdrawing themselves for a bit to be able to come back and be "fresher" or not posting in certain forums for x tour length to ensure they do not get overly enmeshed in a certain forum?