Your most hated Xmas record

I enjoy every single Christmas Christmas I do not enjoy the fucking things in September, October or November or for that matter the first half of December the bunch of cunts starting Christmas when we haven't finished summer.
Fairytale of New York by the Pogues/Kirsty MacColl. Shane McGowan's f*cking awful droning dirge is enough to give me dangerously high blood pressure.
Each to their own etc, but that would be in my top 3.

Classic Christmas song, although it goes without saying Magowan is a shambling talentless fcukwit.
Feck me, yesterday my neigherbour turned his stereo volume up to 11 and started pumping this one out for some bloody reason. The weird thing was it was just this one song he put on.

I should have put on "Christmas At Ground Zero" by Weird Al to get back at him

Anyhoo, back on thread, that bloody Mariah Carey Christmas CD that's been dragged out every Christmas for the last 20 years. I'm positive I 'lost it' a few years back, but it somehow turned up
Two little Boys.

<<...written by American composer Theodore F. Morse and lyricist Edward Madden. It was written in 1902 and became a popular music hall song of the time, made popular by Harry Lauder...

... In 1969, it was revived by Australian entertainer Rolf Harris* with Alan Braden co-writing and arranging the song after having it sung down the phone from Australia to him by Harris. Back in the UK, Harris persuaded his television producer to incorporate the song into his BBC variety show. Alan Braden arranged and co-wrote the song for the TV show, and a favourable audience reaction prompted Harris to record and release it as a single. The song reached No. 1 on the singles chart on 18th December 1969, where it stayed for six weeks, thus becoming the first No. 1 single of the 1970s as well as the last of the 1960s. On BBC Radio Blackburn in 1979, Margaret Thatcher picked it as a favourite song.>>WIKI

Seemed quite good ATT but totally spoilt when the news broke of *his, ermm, unsavoury proclivities.

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