your most embarrassing album

got a cpl days off and on tidying the cd rack i almost dropped dead

there was a cd by ... :oops: the backstreet boys :oops:

someone must have left it here intentionally ... can be the only explanation

and i will do the same at the first opportunity to get rid of it :evil:

so ... what's the most embarrassing album you've got?
One of the American Idol winners. Somehow it ended up in my collection; I suspect it was a joke on someone's part. Some people just need killing.

Christ knows how it got my collection but I found a Leonard Cohen CD in there the other week.

Usful as a coaster or if feeling depressed it might just help at that suicide attempt. Perhaps No 10 might want acopy. In fact I should copy it and send a disk to every ZANU Liarblur MP.

Leonard Cohen - responsible for the self harm / deaths of many a soldier in the mid 70s in BAOR. As a baby medic I'd get called to find a body in a barrack room. I could almost guarantee an empty bottle of Panadol, a half bottle of whisky / rum / bacardi and a vynil copy of Leonard Cohen's greatest hits turning scratchily record deck.

His repertoire should be in the RLC Corps marches - but only to be played at Deepcut.

I think I shall destroy said embarrassing disk tonight when I get home. in fact I have a duty to do it on 'elfin safety' grounds.
a_nony_mouse said:
YesItsMe said:
scruff_1 said:
I,ve just bought Leo Sayer's Silver Bird. :oops:

who held the gun at your head? :p
Could I borrow it, I've just found a Cliff Richard one in our rack :oops:

that's what i thought when i found the backstreet boys one :lol:

though ... most probably it's my daughter's :p

oh and there's nothing wrong about a leonard cohen album scabbers :D