Your military status?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forks, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Just a poll to see what the community of arrse is made up of.

    So, what are you?
  2. Curious.

    As to why you think the results will be accurate. How do you know that the furtive walts on this site aren,t corrupting the results by clicking on the serving or ex forces?
  3. if im retired i cant be in the british army, so i cant vote.
  4. What category do Reservists fit in?
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Ex RAF Armourer (1984 TO 1996) Currently instructor in ACF & joining REME TA as Armourer next week.(Medical Tuesday night)
  6. Does service with 49 PARA count?
  7. Commanding Officer.... Womens Auxilliary Balloon Corps.... and there's nothing cushy about it... I assure you!
  8. Irish version of a STAB. Hope that qualifies as doing some service, even if it is a disservice.
  9. Storeman, NAFFI Advanced Tactical Shelving Unit (Underwater Mechanized Assault)
  10. I was in the TAze a long long time ago - (we're talking SLRs here) so I suppose that makes me a walt for which I apologzie profusely in advance :oops:

    ..but in my defence I don't dress up in DPM and I don't do airsoft.
  11. I guess i'll have to vote "never served, never will"...

    Had my heart set on joining after leaving school, but when the time came and i started the process, i was knocked back on medical grounds (bad right eye).

    [edit] - and no, the eye can't be fixed by laser zappy type thingie-ma-bobs.
  12. Hmm, I don't quite understand. You either served in the armed forces, or you didn't. If you haven't and are not going to, then vote 'never have'.

    I am just kinda curious as to who makes up most of arrse. Is it mainly ex-forces who like to reminisce about their military days, and how things have changed. Or is it mainly lads and lasses currently serving (reserve forces included) who like to talk about current shít going on and how things are affecting them now. Or people like me, who are joining the forces who like to get an idea about life in the military and maybe some tips and info about what to expect.

    Or the random people who never served and are not planning to (maybe they have a connection or interest in the military in some other way).

    Tell thee here!
  13. Someone pointed me towards the site when I was in OTC. I've since graduated, and I'm doing a PGCE, after which I'm hoping to take a TA commission in the RMLY. I drift about on here fairly often because there are some interesting insights into current foreign affairs, but I hardly ever post since I'm not even a proper STAB yet.
  14. No the question was, what is your status in the british army, so if i have left the army, im not in it am i :? , the question should have been what is your status. not, what is your status in the british army, minor pedantic point, im off to get another virgins tongue to wipe my sweaty crack. :D
  15. Well you should have used your left one twice! :D