Your military spiritual home?


Seen. Changed my post....Leeds still had the same graffiti it did in 2005 in 2012
Leeds Pub is still going and the Inside isn't the original.
Where I started out was Arborfield. At the time (1979) there was a vibrancy about the place, Poperinghe was being dismantled , The old Beaulieu spiders were all but deserted and in their place was a new Rowcroft Barracks which was top class for the day. They were even building some new married quarters and a new apprentice college.
Last week I was in Bracknell, at a dog show of all things. I finished there at about 1 pm so says to Mrs Owl lets go a few miles up the road and have a look at the place where my Army career began. What a total change for the worse. Half of the buildings are boarded up, none of the fencing has had any attention for what looks like decades in fact it looks like the local chav residents have been breaking it up to use as firewood. The signs are all out of date, there are bollards in the middle of the roads, the grass hasn't been cut for years, the bins look as if they only get emptied once a month as there is rubbish everywhere and there is a site portacabin that doubles up as a guardroom.
To the REME Corps RSM or if different the Arborfield Garrison RSM I can only say please get your ufcking act together and stop portraying the Corps "Home" as an absolute shiitehole because that is the only impression it leaves to the passer by. By contrast, go down the road to Finchampstead and look at Gibralter Barracks, under the current stewardship of the Royal Engineers. That place has an air of vibrancy, the front of house buildings are well kept and in good order, there are Soldiers in uniform on the gate exuding some pride in themselves. The fencing and trees surrounding the camp is in good condition and there is clean proud signeage fit for purpose. Is it any wonder that the RLC and other Corps in the Army look down their noses at the REME when the standards of their home base are so non existent.
I expect incoming, but I only left 20 years ago as a WO so who am I to know "different".
Was this the site of the old Apprentice College, two story portacabin guardroom, that closed years ago? Or the old Corps Sgts Mess that was condemned and closed about 4 years ago?

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Any remember a cpl *** dilsworth kingo in the guardroom strensall 88 onwards

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The POW at Tenby.
It would have to be Hohne.Freezing cold winters,one very short exercise on Soltau in the depths of,some troop training for a week or so in spring,recruits firing for a week,more troop training,a fortnight on ranges,battle runs,stab runs,major 3 week brigade size exercise in October,courses/upgrading etc ,Admin inspection,CIV on tanks,all interlinked with massive drinkathons. You had to be there.Slunk back to UK for demob,completely disillusioned,to be told on demob interview by some Colonel Blimp character that there were hundreds of chaps who couldn't wait to get out there.Yeah,right.
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The "Candy Stripe" after you crossed over the tank bridge on Soltau, because it either meant end ex or you were going into Reinsehlen for a shower


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Trafalgar Cemetery Gibraltar, Its the first place where I "really felt history" also the metal rings on the rock where they used to haul up the cannons .


I know a few who's spiritual home was the basket weaving / drying out ward at BMH Woolwich :D :D
Was not in the hospital but at the depot. Went up to the hospital Disco sniffing nurses. Training staff.. You're not allowed in there. Half those twats were in there sniffing. In fact one of the guys cought one of the Training Bdr's shagging in a car with a nurse.
So Yeah.. Woolwich '85
Le cateau troop
Has to be Minden. I spent just over two years in Elizabeth Barracks.
Don't remember much of it, but it was good!

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